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Nerd's Rendezvous

The mysterious atttacks went for days. Some mysterious creature attacked an innocent kid or a teenager and a masked vigilante appeared and defeated the creature. The citizens didn't pay these attacks much attention. Why would they? Nobody was killed by those beasts, since the masked man always saved them. Who would be interested in something, when it doesn't involve blood.

A group of medics parked their ambulance near the shop. The driver turned to the young woman with a shoulder length red hair sitting in the back, who was a new member of their team.
" You want something, while you are here holding the fort?" he asked her.
" Coffee with two sugars, no milk."
" OK, one coffee coming right up."
The driver went into the shop with his coworkers except for the woman. She was thinking about the events of the last days, when a she suddently heard somebody knocking on the ambulance door. It was the masked vigilante she have read about in the newspares. He was holding a little boy in his arms, about six to eight years old. He pointed at the boys' stomach. The soon-to-be doctor noticed claw marks on his stomach. She quickly got out of the car to take care of the kid. Holding the boy in one of her arms she turned to the ambulance to look for bandages.
" Where did you find him? Is he hurt somewhere else? What about..." she turned back, but the man already disappeared.

The masked man was running over the roofs. He didn't notice a woman dressed in a catsuit looking outfit with a mask covering her face.
" Angry Historian, I presume,"
These words made the man stop and he turned his back to face the pursuer. The woman was pointing a pistol on him and was walking his way.
" I would like to ask you some questions."
She shot the gun, however he was able to move away quickly and she missed. He jumped at her. The gun was knocked out of her hand and they started fighting each other with their bare hands. He was an experienced street fighter, but she was a trained agent. Despite not having his strentgh, she was able to knock him out on the ground with her skills. Before he was able to stand up, she grabbed her gun and shot him. He was knocked unconscious by the bullet.

Angry woked up in a hotel room tied up to the chair. Much to his surprise, he was only dressed in his underwear. A woman with a long platinum blonde hair was sitting on the bed in front of him. Her choice of clothes was a dark tank top and a pair of long pants. She was playng with a knife.
" Had a wonderful night, sweatheart?"
" What do you want?
" Nothing, I already know what I need. You are just a bonus."
" A bonus?! You just kindnapped a high schooler from the street. The police will be after you!"
She stopped playing with the knife.
" Nah. I made a backround check on you boy. Your parents are away from the city and your brother doesn't care about you much. Plus you don't have any friends. Although there is that cute gal, who for some unknown reason is hanging with you a lot. Who would have thought, that a guy, who works in a library, would be such a chick magnet."
" Who are you?"
" Oh my. What a curious young man you are," she said, while pinching his cheek.
" You can call me Veronica. There is a certain group of kids I am interested in. You propably heard about them."
" Wait you mean those four?"
" Bingo! Well to be honest three, since one of them is in the hospital."
Angry was only able to shout flat: "What!" after hearing this news.
" Your "girlfriend" didn't know anything about that? I thought she was a niece of the police chief?"
Angry remembered the events of the four days before. So that's what Wendy wanted to talk about. Instead of listening to her, he dragged her on that stupid shoping spree to get rid of her.
Veronica grabbed his chin.
" Out of pure curiosity. What hapenned to your neck."
" Somebody tried to choke to death. I still don't know why."
" I thought you were the smart one."
Still holding his chin. She took a good look on his face.
" Well at least you are a good-looking one."
" What are you planning to do with me?"
" You know, since I am finished with my job. I thought to myself, hey let's some fun."
" Wait you mean..."
An amused smile appeared on her face.
" Indeed. Looks like you aren't dumb after all."

While all this was happening. A certain event took place. Indeed, it looks like that the beasts finally captured some prey.

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