The Skeletons in the Closet part 6

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Supply Run part 2

While Angry was doing his business with Erik, Nicole tried to strike a conversation with Wendy.

" So..." she started. " You go to the same school as Angry?"

" Yeah..." Wendy thought for a moment. " What did he mean by that you get around?"

Large smile appeared on Nicole's face. " You know, some people like to try new things and I like to try new partners in bed. I am not picky. Man or woman, I don't care, since I like both."

Wendy was surprised  by Nicole's blunt anwer. She didn't know it, but Nicole liked to tease people. 

" Wait, so you and him..." Wendy pointed to the office.

Nicole laughed. " Nah! He is to stubborn, when it comes to that stuff. I tried many times," Wendy put an emphasis on many, " but no success."

" So what you are saying is that he is..."

" Not at all. I made sure to check that first."

" Well, some of us preffer to not sleep around unlike certain people."

Wendy and Nicole were so occupied with their discussion, that didn't notice Angry, who was already finished with the business in Erik's office. Nicole put her arm around his  shoulders.

" I was just telling her about who stubborn you are. By the way, would you like to sleep  with me?" 

Angry grabbed her arm and lifted it from his shoulders. " I respectfully decline," he answered without changing his expression. Nicole turned to Wendy.

" Wendy, are you seeing somebody?"

" Nicole!"

" Hey am just asking."

Wendy defensively rised her hands. " I don't swing that way."

" Bummer. Well enjoy the rest of your day."

" Thanks, you too."

And with that Angry and Wendy left the gym. Angry look at his list. " OK, next stop is the old bookstore."


Wendy stayed quiet most of the walk. However after they were almost at their goal, she finally opened her mouth.

" So this Nicole..." 

" What is with her?"

" How did you and her meet?"

" In the gym. We were at the same martial arts class. A few years ago her hormones went crazy and she become like that."

" Why have you never accepted her offer?" 

" Maybe because even a guy like me has standards?! Why are you so suddently interested in my love life?"

" No reason." 

Women, thought Angry to himself. Always obsessed with relationships and other pointless stuff like this. 

" Why are we going to the bookstore?"  

" Because I was planning to go there."

" Yeah, but why?"

" I like to read. Do you have any more questions with obvious answers?"

" I was just trying to have a conversation."

" Well we can continue the conversation inside," he said and pointed to the door of the shop.

The shop owner, an old man with a wizard like beard, can get you any book you desire. Angry was a regular at his shop. They opened the door and the bell over the door announced their arrival. They were the only customers at that moment. 

" Ah, Angry Historian! I was waiting for you. The book you ordered is finally here."

The owner scared Wendy. She couldn't shake the feeling that something feels unnatural about that man. Angry, who was used to dealing with shady characters, didn't pay much attention to it. 

" Would be okay, if I look around the shop for a while?"

" Of course! It is always a pleasure, when my favourite customer visits."

Angry left to examine the new releases, while Wendy was left with the owner. Much to her dismay he turned to her and started talking to her:

" Excuse me, miss, but are you by any chance Wendy Williams, the daughter of our mayor?"

Despite being scared by his presence, Wendy managed to get an answer out of her: " Yes, I am."

" I am curious. Why would a miss from a fine family, such as yourself, deal with people like him?" he asked pointing at Angry, who was digging through the books.

Wendy tried to find an answer. But the her shock  she wasn't able to. She herself didn't know the answer.

" We know each other from school."

" An acquitance or a friend?"

" The first one. Why you are so curious about that?"

I like to give questions to my  customers. It helps me choose the perfect books for them. Speaking of which..." he turned to one of the piles next to him and started digging through it. " Ah, here it is. Perfect choice for a maiden in peril such as yourself," he said and gave Wendy an old looking book. 

" A love story, how fitting," said Angry with a sarcastic tone in his voice. " Who would have thought, that a hard working no nonsense person like yourself likes this kind of stuff." 

" Appearances can be deceiving, my friend," answered the owner instead of Wendy. " The lass is hiding many secrets."

Wendy didn't noticed Angry's return. Is he ghost or something? 

" Aren't you going to buy it," and before Wendy could anwer Angry took the book and paid for it. He returned it back into her hands. After that he paid for his  own. She wasn't able to mutter a word during the whole thing.

" I hope to see you again soon in my humble shop. Goodbye," said the owner with a large smile on his face.

" Goodbye," Angry anwered, while pushing Wendy out of the shop.

The owner returned back to sorting the books. What an adorable couple. They should cherish these peaceful moments, while they can. His prediction turned true, but they didn't know it yet.

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