The Skeletons in the Closet part 10

in #story5 years ago

  Angry went through multiple rooms until he stopped in one, which looked like an office. It was too quiet. Maybe they ran out of monsters, thought Angry to himself. Yeah sure. He was never that lucky. He heard steps, but before he could react, a large hand slugged him in the head and he fell on the ground. Angry rolled away from Johny’s reach before the next punch. 

He suckerpunched Johny in the gut, but that barely left a scratch. Angry sighed in pain holding his knuckles. It was like punching a brick wall. Despite that Angry punched Johny again and again. He couldn’t afford to lose. 

Johny just grabbed Angry’s fists and squeezed it, which made Angry scream. Johny then punched Angry int he chest. Angry couldn’t hold his weight and fell on the ground. Johny grabbed his neck and lifted him up. He was enjoying this with a large grin on his face. He slammed Angry into the ground. Then he did a second time and then the third time. He kept slamming Angry, until he stopped moving. And with that Johny was going out of the room preparing to tell his mistress about his victory.

 Angry lied beaten up on the ground. That was it,he thought. Why should he be surprised. He was just some eighteen-years-old kid playing the hero. And he failed. Everything was in vain. He failed everybody. The kids, who were dragged into this, the people of his town and Wendy. WENDY!

  A spark of strength awoken in him. Whatever they have planned for her, it can’t be nice. And he is not going to allow it to happen! 

Angry climbed back up on his legs, despite the fact,that his whole body was in pain. 

"Hey you!“ he screamed at Johny. Johny turned back to him. He looked at Angry, who was shaking in pain and laughed. Then he charged at him and tackled him. Angry fell on the table behind him. Before the next punch could reach him, he moved away and Johny’s fist punched through the table. His hand was stuck. Johny growled trying to get out. Angry quickly grabbed Johny’s neck and choked him, until he stopped fighting. 

He won. Angry went to find the brains behind all this. With each step his mind was stabbed by needles of pain, but he didn’t care. It was time to finally end all of this. 

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