Skeletons in the Closet part 4

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The hero shall be made

The monster was confused. Who was this mysterious man? Why is he trying to stop him. It smelled his scent, which made it grin. Nothing matters. The man is young and that's enough. It roared at the man. The man in response shouted a warcry. He quickly glanced at the girls to make sure they are OK. However they used the confusion as an opportunity for escape. Good, thought the man for himself. One less thing to focus on.

The creature roared again and charged at it's target. The man evaded the attack and striked the beast with the bat, but it didn't even flinch. The creature used this as a chance to disarm the opponent. It grabbed the bat with the sharp teeth and threw it away. The man was confused by the beasts's cleverness. Still he wasn't going to give up. It doesn't matter, what happens to him. He is going to make sure, that the monster will never hurt innocents.

The beast charged the man again, this time managing to ram the man and knocking him on his back. It opened it's jaw next to the man's face and it's saliva started dripping on the man's helmet. Yet the man still refused to give up. He grabbed, what he thought was the monster's neck and tried to choke it. Sadly, this strategy didn't work at all. Out of the options he headbutted the creature into it's jaw. It was a success. The beast screamed in pain, one of it's teeth falling out of it's monstrous jaw. The man quickly stood up. He wasn't able to grab the tooth, since it was directly next to the beast. The small "break" ended, as the creature regained it's composture. Enraged, it attacked the man, slamming him into the wall. This was the end for the man. No weapons, no clever strategies and all his limbs restrained by his enemy. Only a miracle would save him.

That miracle came in the form of a cat. A cat literally appeared on the street out of nowhere, which made both the man and the creature confused. What the hell was a cat doing here, thought the man. However this was, what he needed. While the monster was focused on the cat, he pushed the monster off of him with all of his strength. The man used this opportunity and punched the creature into it's face. The beast screamed and bit the man into his leg, which made him fall on the ground. He was trying to fight of the creature, while one of his hands looked for something on the ground to use as a weapon. He touched something, quickly grabbed it into his hand and stabbed the beast with it. It was the fallen tooth. The creature fell on it's back. The man run fast to the bat, he lost at the start of the fight and grabbed it. With all of his remaining strength summoned, he hit the stuck tooth with the bat.  

The beast was finally finished. With it's dying breath it disappeared in a puff of smoke. Tired, the man sat on the street. The cat walked to him and started licking his injured leg. The man scratched the cat on it's head and while it couldn't be seen because of his helmet, he had a large smile on his face. He did it! The beast was defeated.

However he didn't know, that this one was just one of the many. And even more were coming.                                                  


Originally, the fight was supposed to be shorter, but as this is the first fight scene I have ever written, I said: " screw it, let's have fun with this."

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