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Promise_free_debt_on him


The king returned to his palace on a very cold night, and saw an old guard standing in thin clothes. So the king approached him and asked him: Do you not feel cold?
The guard replied: Yes, I feel cold, but I don't have warm clothes, and I can't stand the cold.
The king said to him: I will enter the palace now and ask one of my servants to bring you warm clothes.
The guard was happy with the king's promise, but as soon as the king entered his palace, he forgot his promise.
And in the morning the old guard had passed away, and beside him was a sheet of paper on which he wrote in trembling handwriting: "Oh King, I endured the cold every night steadfastly, but your promise of warm clothes robbed me of my strength and killed me."
Your promises to others may mean more to them than you imagine.. do not break a promise.. you do not know what is destroyed by that...

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