The Story of Pakistan's Surrender in 1971 War

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The surrender of East Pakistan has undoubtedly been a heartbreaking hit to the country of Pakistan. With it Pakistan stood eviscerated and the picture of Armed Forces as a capable battling power likewise stood broke. However what was not brought into light was the gross shortcoming, ineptitude and disregard of expert obligations of senior armed force leaders and additionally the decision military junta of Yahya Khan.

Since the Hamoodur Rehman Commission Report has been declassified (just a little piece of it) we can sort out the causes and occasions which prompted the capitulation of Army Eastern Command prompting a horrendously mortifying surrender, which is maybe the solitary open surrender in history and the ensuing formation of Bangladesh.

References to Hamoodur Rahman Supplementary answer to back up the credibility of contentions made and the realities expressed have been cited in square sections

Profound Seated Reasons of 1971 War.

Seeds of contempt and complaint were sown long prior and sustained amid the two Martial law time frames.

In choosing just Urdu as the main national dialect West Pakistanis disregarded the rich Bengali culture.

East Pakistanis had least offer in Government occupations Army common administrations and so forth.

Financial plan assigned for East Pakistan Gradually decreased in extent throughout the years following autonomy, advancement happened in West however East Pakistan falled behind.

Armed forces delayed association in counter insurrection task all through East Pakistan just estranged neighborhood individuals' sensitivities.

Innate Weakness of the Pakistan Army in 1971.

Pakistan Army Eastern Command was vigorously dwarfed and was unmistakably not in a situation to confront the limitlessly prevalent Indians. It had just 4 divisions and 2 autonomous detachments 2 of which did not have their administrations arms. Just a single defensively covered squadron was accessible.

Gen. Niazi had neglected to envision the approaching risk of a full scale Indian intrusion regardless of colossal Indian develop around the outskirt and rehashed admonitions from GHQ. Subsequently no arrangements were made previously, Niazi did not try to update his fight procedure. Everything he did was to hurriedly raise two specially appointed divisions to be specific 36 and 39 by submitting his stores.

Establishments of this thrashing were at that point laid in 1958 when armed force assumed control over the nation. Drawn out contribution in Martial Law obligations and interior security parts devastatingly affected the expert capacities of best positioning officers. Their inclusion in common organization, rebuilding of peace and to resuscitate financial movement in area diminished them from caring for their units and developments just on the grounds that they didn't have enough time left.

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