The Bull-headed Ant

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The Bull-headed Ant

Have you disobey your parents? Well, I do sometimes especially during my younger days. This is the story of a baby ant who disobey his father.

It's summer time and for the ants, it's a busy day gathering food for the rainy days.

"Be careful my children be in line, there is a pond on the other side." said the father.

"Yes father we are in line, " said the eldest ant. While the children are busy gathering food, the youngest one stay away from its siblings.

"Why do we have to gather food now? Rainy days are yet to come, I want to enjoy the summer heat" said the youngest ant.

Walking and running until he saw something sweet, a very small bit of cake at the end of a stick.

"Oooh..that's my favorite but how can I get, there is a pond down there," said the young ant.

He walks slowly on a very small stick, upon reaching the end, Aaaaghh! the stick slip and falls down into the pond good enough he was able to hold on the stick, but the bit of cake was in the water already. Help!!! help!!! but nobody hears him.

Father ant is counting his children and noticed the youngest one is missing.

Right away he search for his youngest son until he reaches the pond and there he saw his youngest son dying in the water.

"Come let us help your youngest brother," said father, fortunately, they saw a long stick then everybody holds the stick and dip it in the water where the young ant is grasping his breath.

With the effort of his family he was saved, everybody was happy, but the youngest ant is crying asking forgiveness for being a bullheaded and disobedient to his father.

"It's a lesson for you and for everybody," said father ant. From then on the youngest ant is no longer a bull-headed. A father is always there to guide and to forgive the mistakes of his children.

Note: This story came from a Filipino fable that I translated into English so I could share it to all Steemians.

Again Rex here, aka @allmonitors. Namaste!

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