Owning a French Bulldog Puppy - Cuteness Overload

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I wanted to share my story about Milo...

Milo is little cute french bulldog with big pointy ears. In the past 7 months, he has become a big part of my life. 

I always wanted a dog and I had one when I was little, but my parents raised it, so I didnt think it would be hard work to own one. 

My plans were to get a dog with my ex boyfriend at a time, he knew how much I wanted a puppy. Every time we walked on a street and I saw one, I would stop, make cringe noises and go awww.  Perhaps if things did work out, we would have had a dog then. 

After the break up...

I wanted the dog even more, I thought it would make me happy again, but that wasn't the case. I got Milo as a birthday present, all my close friends decided to chip in together with my family and surprise me. At first I was extremely excited, but the reality of wanting a dog and having one hit me. 

For the first 2 months...

I didnt sleep much, he was crying all night, needed toilet every 2-3 hours and it was a nightmare. At times, I really thought I can't handle it anymore and its not for me... I pushed through and every day it became easier. 

Now, he is 7 months old and I cant complain anymore, he is smart, disciplined and a clever boy. 

If you have become one of those of people who are obsessed with this cute little pooch, nobody would blame you. With their cute eyes, big ear and sweet nose,  Frenchies are arguably one of the most adorable dogs around. 

Things to consider before buying a Frenchie...

- They fart a lot ( I am talking about that strong cabbage/egg smell you can't get away from) Don't let this face fool you. 

- They snore a lot ( like real humans, if not worse.. )

- They are very curious 

- They shed a lot ( I didnt realise how much, until my bed and floors were covered in hairs)

- They are always hungry ( This is a real live hoover, anything that falls on the floor will be eaten, BE AWARE)

- They are stubborn! ( If you dont become a leader, they will walk all over you)

- They sleep a lot ( which is perfect for me, if you want an active dog, they are not for you)

- They are not very photogenic 

- They get hot on a tube 

- They can have many health problems ( get insurance) 

- They love the sun 

He used to fit in the bag...

Generally Frenchies are friendly with everyone and like attention. French Bulldogs will bark to announce visitors at the door, but are otherwise quiet dogs. He will make more noise snoring. 

Overall I am so happy I have him, he is adorable. He always makes me laugh and he is the only man in my life right now. 

If I havent convinced you yet, take a look at this face :


I hope you enjoyed my post on Milo. What animals do you have? Let me know in comments below. 

Lots of Love, Alla xox

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The only thing I would disagree with you on is your statement that frenchies are not photogenic. In fact, they are generally VERY photogenic. And your Milo is no exception. Very cute. Anyway, I'm glad you stuck with him!


hahah I know, I realised later maybe is a little photogenic :) just not so much when I hold him :) Thanks, it was hard at the time. Thanks :)

Milo is the cutest thing I've seeing. I love tea cup size dog over larger one. Less of everything grooming, exercising and traveling.
here's my little girl Lady (Tea cup Pomeranian)

may be milo and lady can get together ... lol


awww she is adorable, yes I agree its all about little dogs, well its not fair on them to live in a flat if its a big dog! they could totally get on :)


Thanks she our precious Lady!


So cute. She looks like a soft toy!


i know right!!!

Cute little guy! My mom has a French bulldog but hers was born def.


ooh really no way? such a shame, but I hope he is happy.


This is my moms dog she is adorable though!!!


cant see the picture..


aww just came up! he is adorable :) xx

Hello Milo :)


heheh :D

I loved this. Milo is so cute! Your photos have captured him so well! Adorable.


Im glad you enjoyed the photos, it was hard picking the best ones :D


He seems to be a bit of a poser too lol! How did you get him to pose so well?


heheh food :P I bribe everyone with food these days :D lol

He's so cute! He's adorable!


thank you!!! I love him to bits :)

Nice dog. Milo, are you a good dog?


hahah he is a very good boy now :)

Omg what a cutie!! awwwww I want oneee


heheh :)) he is soo sweet!

He's so cute! Thanks for sharing! :)


he is adorable :) you are welcome!

laying down on the floor like a frog


yes exactly, it was soo funny!

I loved him!!
here check my baby Santiago.
also, I just posted some cute stuff (like him pulling a rope against my much older dog).
he is just 3 months old.
santi dog.jpg
xoxo Milo!


I died when you wrote "they fart a lot". My Santiago is a fart bomb!!!

Love dog



I don't have a dog now, but some of the pictures remind me of the little wire haired daschund my family had when I was a kid. He liked to sleep in the sun too.


aww really? I know they love the sun, just as much as we do :)) It makes everyone happy hehe )

Oh man, I need a puppy too :(


heheh if you lived closer, you could come see him :)

That is one cute little dog :)


heheh thanks :)

That is really a cute puppy, my Boston has just had 5 babies that keep me up at night lol


aww its hard work :)) yeah he is cute thank you :) xx

"Don't let this face fool you." I'm dying 😆

Very nice post, Milo is adorable!

aww, i have a pug, and i want a frenchie next!


hehehe ooh I love pugs too!! i saw its really cute :)