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Firstly, thanks to all the 131 followers which I have achieved in nearly 2 weeks of time. I don't bother about the previous records of fastest 100 followers but I am grateful for all the followers that I have achieved till now.This is the first post after reaching 100+ followers, thanks a lot guys it means a lot for me :)

You all may be wondering what that important organ is??????Guess what !!!!!!!! 


Its none other than our Smartphone.Yes u have heard it right it's Smartphone.These days for each and every one this smartphone has become a part of their lives.Even some people are giving more importance to their gadgets leaving their families and relations behind.

Coming to the story this is how my day has passed without my second love :) :)

The Day : 

I broke up with my girlfriend last night and woke up next day with a very bad hangover. As a usual routine I rushed to work and waited for the elevator and this is how my day went on that day!   

In the elevator : 

I strived hard to give my feet a little place. I found that all those nine people except me were indulged into their smart phones so I searched for my brand new Iphone7 and realized that I forgot at home. I was the only person who’s eyes weren’t into the phone. The person next to me gave a look as if am from the other planet as I was tapping my laptop bag. I decided not to go up to get my precious phone, as I didn’t want to be in touch with anyone that day.  I walked all the way to the bus stop and waited for my 32B bus.   


At the bus stop: 

I recognized that everyone are either listening to music or talking on their best buddy which is a phone.  


At Canteen at work:

 Many of my colleagues are busy with Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram where as some of them are busy in playing and sending candy crush requests to their friends with both their eyes on phone. 


 At Bank: 

When I was waiting to meet the manager in one of the most comfortable sofas at that bank, I was enjoying the ambience of the office and accidently my eyes met the employee who’s working at the opposite desk, I smiled politely and was about to say “Hello! Is the Manager busy?” That employee suddenly got up and went into the another cabin taking his phone, as if he sensed that am going to rob the bank at that very moment.   


At the Coffee place:

 I decided to get relaxed and enjoy hot coffee at one of the coffee place. When I was waiting for the coffee I came to know that this place is providing an open WiFi and looked at all the customers who are busy with iPads, laptops and phones.  


 At the party:

 After work, When I walked into one of my friend’s family party, I saw people together happy and smiling not looking at each other but into self camera’s eye famously known as selfie these days. While some of them are busy updating pictures , others at trying to check in on social networks. Many kids sat in groups and were playing with their respective phones.  


Finally with my PHONE :

 I went to bed thinking that I recognized all those incidents at various places as I was not busy with my extra organ – a Phone.  


Did you ever think about your memories from childhood? We remember how our mother used to run after during our meal time, our grandmother’s stories , those fights with our siblings over a TV channel, that uncle who gifted our favourite car, all those comics which our friends have, those long corridors where we ran, that spacious school’s playground, classrooms, childhood friends , teachers and that scary and strict principal. We remember every detail of our childhood as we were not distracted with a notification, call, SMS or an email.   

Let’s Greet, smile and talk to the person beside us. I agree phones connect people but it doesn’t mean to ignore our own surroundings and Life!                       


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You should use your phone but only for what was made. Calls, texts, music and Steemit app. In the rest you should engage with real humans in real life :D


yes what u said is right :)

You are right dear we cannot live without phone


yes but what's important is we have to use it upto a certain mark :)


That is pretty good but instead of good use people are now addict to watch movies, social media and gaming


yes u r right :)

try to live one month without your phone=)


impossible in these days :)


thanks bro :)

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This was very good, It's a sign of how fast things change in a decade or two. Going outside ridding bikes has turn into sitting behind your computer rather it be a cell phone or laptop. Would you give all your tech up for living the life with out it? Could you? If you're going to use free wifi protect your cell as much as you can it's not safe and it's so easy to take someones personal information if you used it on your cell. Just be careful. Rocking story! Following!


Thanks :)