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@bennyjay Just came in with the 8th episode of Game Changer
All previous episodes have been aired on this blog. Do read them to keep up with the story. Thank you.

Continued from last episode


Dave handed Claire a drink and moved to sit opposite her so he could see better see her face. He didn't know what he felt at the moment…anger at his stupidity and Susan's callousness, compassion for Claire and a host of other feelings. The anger kept overriding others and he knew Claire would think it was directed at her. The drive hadn't really helped clear his thoughts either.

Claire's face was averted from him and she held her self stiffly as though waiting for the blow to land. Dave smiled ironically…he'd brought her here to comfort her over her ordeal with Susan and to reassure her that he wasn't angry with her. Yet, so far all he'd been able to do was make her uncomfortable with the anger vibes emanating from him. He made a conscious effort to calm himself and cleared his throat.

"I broke up with Susan on Tuesday"

Claire's head swivelled towards him at that but she didn't say anything.
"Yeah" he nodded his head in answer to her unspoken question "I went over to confront her after you called me. Unfortunately or otherwise I caught her with another man." He sighed in reflection and then looked questioningly at Claire "You don't seem surprised. Did you know she was cheating on me?

Claire nodded and added "It was none of my business and I didn't really know you well enough then to have come up to you and told you your girlfriend was seeing other men. I did try to talk to her thou……"

Dave interupted "Other men? You mean there was more than one man?" At Claire's nod, he shook his head "I guess I should have realised that. Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore. That phase is gone for good."

He took one of her hands in his "How have you been?" He asked.
"I've been fine" she replied "though very worried that you'd never forgive nor speak to me again. Is that what you brought me here to say?

Dave smiled "On the contrary Claire. I haven't called you before now because i needed to sort out somethings and I've been trying to control my anger over what Susan put you through. I brought you here today to let you know I'm not angry with you at all. I may have been at first but on deeper thoughts, I realized not everyone is privileged and you had to do what you did to survive. I don't hold that against you."

Claire smiled in relieve and hugged him "Thank you so much. I promise I won't do anything like that again"


Dave hugged her closer. She felt so good in his arms. He could feel his heart beat faster. It wasn't the first time that had happened but today it felt good to be free and able to do something about it. "Claire" he whispered. She looked up at him and he bent his head and kissed her.


"No.. she took it too far. That was very vicious of her. What if something bad had resulted from her actions.. what explanation would she have given?" Sam asked. His expression clearly telling of his anger.

images (5).jpeg

After keeping the whole Susan saga to himself for a while, Dave had just narrated to Sam his confrontation with Susan. 'Vicious is an understatement Sam; I have no words to describe what I felt when she said all those things with not even an iota of regret. To think I was in a relationship with the devil's incarnate. It still sends chills up my back when I think of it."

"At least that is over" Sam comforted him "You know, when I told you to give your relationship with her another chance, I never in my wildest dreams thought she was a cheat nor capable of blackmailing and drugging her close friend into setting a trap for you just because she mistrusted you. That's totally savage". Sam shook his head. In a way he felt guilty because he'd advised Dave to hold onto his relationship with Susan when he'd wanted to break it off a few weeks back. How was he to have known Susan was devious. He consoled himself with the thought that Dave had finally done the right thing by breaking up with her.
"How's Claire" he thought to ask.

"She's fine" Dave replied with a slight smile. " I'll be seeing her later this evening".
Sam gave a mock cough. "Is it just my imagination, or is there a certain something you're not telling me? Hehehe…bro easy oh. You just escaped one woman's clutches, don't go tumbling into another's so soon."

Dave's smile widened. "I'm not tumbling into anything. We're only going to have dinner and see one of our favourite movies. Nothing else. I'm just trying to make up a little for what Susan caused her. No ulterior motive. I promise"

"In that case, you wouldn't mind if I tag along. Right? Sam teased him. "We all could do with some form of relaxation"

images (6).jpeg

Dave sprang up laughing "Guy no start o. Just dey your lane…abi you never hear say 'three na crowd'? If you wan relax, go hang out with your babe Amanda. No come carry your reggae spoil my blues'

"You don turn warri boy for me because of woman. I be your guy o" Sam returned playfully. Then added in a more serious voice. "But seriously guy, all jokes apart, I meant what I said earlier about you taking your time and not rushing into another relationship. Much as I like Claire, you're my best friend and brother. I wouldn't want to see you hurt if things don't work out'

'I understand your concern Sam, but as it is I don't know if I want to go into a relationship with Claire. She's a sweet and funny lady and we're just enjoying each other's company. If anything develops from it, good and fine, if not, so be it. But at the moment, we aren't thinking of anything deep" He glanced at the wall clock. 'I have to run. I still have to get to the office for some documents before picking up Claire. I'll see you later' He drained his glass of wine, exchanged buddy hugs with Sam and went out the door.

.....finale episode not miss it!

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This story always keeps me at the edge like seriously....
And yeah... I cannot wait for the final episode...
It definitely going to be a block buster... Ahahaa

And oh, by the way... @airhawk-project...
It's a Tuesday morning here in Nigeria... Lolz...


Lol...thanks for the correction. the story was edited yesterday but posted today...sorry about that.
Thank you for following the story and for your comment and compliment.


You're very welcome sir@bennyjay

amazing game thanks for sharing


Thank you for reading @mnur. Please stay tuned for the final episode

Wow,so nice story.I enjoyed this story very much.I appreciate your writing skill and creativity.carry on your activity.I will wait for your next episode.Thanks


Thank you so much for your words @sharifulislamm. It's always nice and fulfilling to get positive comebacks on our creativity. ...Next episode coming up

I seriously need to read the previous parts, this story seems interesting


Please do @geniusnabiy..... You'll be glad you did. Thanks for stopping by