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Happy new month beautiful people!

It's the 7th episode of Game Changer. Game changer has been featured for about two weeks now on the @airhawk-project blog and is gradually coming to an end.

Previous episodes can be found on the @airhawk-project blog. Do well to read up..

and the story continues


Dave stared at the dead phone in his hand unable to assemble his scattered thoughts. He'd just spoken to Claire. She'd called him about an hour ago, asked if he was busy and said she needed to talk to him. He'd requested they meet up after work to discuss it but she'd said it was better said on phone since she didn't think she could tell him to his face not knowing what he's reaction might be.

That had gotten him curious and he'd told her to end the call so he could tidy a few things and call her. In truth, suspecting the call might take a while, he'd wanted to save her the expense but she was a proud lady and would consider it charity if he'd simply told her to end the call so he could call back.

He'd waited about thirty minutes before calling. Her voice on the phone had been low and subdued. She'd started by saying she hoped he could forgive her for even attempting to do it in the first place and that she was telling him this to free her guilt.

Confused, he'd asked to know what she was talking about and she'd gone on to tell him things he hadn't known about her friendship with Susan; about the loan and Susan's requirement for repayment, the truth of what had really happened at the party, about her drink haven been doctored by Susan and finally her confrontation with Susan and ending their friendship.

Dave had been dumbfounded. He'd hardly said anything - he's thoughts had been running helter-skelter, when she'd again caught his attention by saying she'd very much understand if he didn't want to talk to her again. That she was really sorry and she hoped he had a good life, then she'd dropped the call.

……Few days later


Dave was parked in front of Claire's hostel. He'd just called her to come downstairs. Earlier in the week, after her phonecall and after collecting and gathering his thoughts, he'd paid Susan an unexpected visit. From his association with Susan, he'd known today was lecture-free for her. He'd taken a chance on Susan being at home and had gone to see her. He'd needed to know if what Claire had said was true.

Loud music had emanated from within as he'd approached her building. He'd opened the door to a cigarette smoke-filled room and it had taken a while for his eyes to adjust to the dimness of the room. Susan had been bent over the couch, a man beneath her, partially undressed and a drink in hand, moving seductively to the beat of the music. He'd stood unnoticed for a while then walked angrily to the set and switched off the music.

images (3).jpeg

Susan had looked up at that and on sighting him, had scrambled off the man while trying to put her clothes to right. "What are you doing here and how did you get in?' she'd asked.
"I see you weren't expecting me, hence your little display. So you not only send Claire after me for devious reasons, apparently, you also cheat on me."

She'd turned defensive "Claire has a big mouth and she's not to be trusted. I only told her to play a little seductive game with you, I didn't ask her to sleep with you."
"Really? And that was why you drugged her and left her ill in my house. What exactly was going on in your head when you were doing all these?

"Don't blame me for my actions. You were the one who changed towards me. If you hadn't, I wouldn't have involved Claire nor cheated on you"

Dave had shook his head "What a fool I am not to have recognised the signs. Pinning the cause for your shitty attitude on me is totally unacceptable." He'd taken a deep breath. "You know what, this nonsense we call a relationship between us is totally over. I do not-for whatever reason want to see you anywhere around me, my house or workplace." With a flick, he'd turned the music back on and strode out of the house feeling like a great burden had been lifted off his shoulder.

He glanced up presently to see Claire walking towards him. She was dressed in a black leggings and oversized Cardigan…she obviously hadn't taken time to dress up nor make up - not that she ever did before. The simplicity of her outfit caused him to draw a subconscious comparison between the two friends. The whole time he'd been with Susan, she had never stepped out of her apartment without dressing up to the nines or applying her full makeup…sometimes keeping him waiting for a long time just for that.


He opened the door as Claire got closer and she slid gracefully into the car. That was something else he was noticing in Claire…the way she did things gracefully and effortlessly. Being a nerd, he'd expected awkwardness from her but she'd showed none in the little time he'd known her.
"Hi Dave" she said in her quiet voice "I didn't think you'd want to see me again after what I told you".

"We need to talk" Dave said gravelly looking out at the students milling around "and this is not the right place for it. We need privacy. I'm taking you back home with me and will bring you back when we're done. Is that ok with you?"
"Yes. It's fine" she replied looking out of the window, no longer able to look at him. He must be very angry she thought. He hadn't even replied her greeting. She didn't blame him for his sudden coldness towards her. If only she hadn't allowed Susan hoodwink her. She sighed silently.

She really liked Dave and in the few weeks since the party, she'd discovered her feelings had deepened and she honestly had no idea what she'd do if Dave decided he no longer wanted her friendship. She knew he didn't share her feelings because he'd never said anything to that effect and he was still with Susan. She didn't mind .... scratch that…she minded a great deal but she valued their friendship more and that was what had pushed her to make her confession to him. She just hoped she wouldn't make a fool of herself by bursting into tears or throwing herself at him if he decided in that direction.

To be continued

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