Handsome sailor gets a new home ! Let's cry together !

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I have painted this sailor guy last summer , and back than i did
not know, that he will be part of a lovely story!
Here it is:
I have a customer for a long time, who does not have kids but
wanted one badly. She and her husband decided to adopt a little
baby boy. They had to wait for a couple of months to find out if
they can have this little baby boy they fell in love with, so it was
super exciting and stressing for them. She ( my customer) told me
she really wants to have this handsome sailor in the boy's room,
but she does not dare to order it just yet, out of superstition.
This morning i got the letter, that they are very happy, they are
now parents, and they are waiting for the sailor !

What a way to start the day !!!

So my handsome sailor, who is loved by many women over the net,
is going to be watching over a little boy's life !


Let's cry now together ! :-D

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What a lovely story, just gave me goose bombs !
I like your art also , you have talent :)

How nice of you , thank You :-)

My pleasure :)

Nekem is az egyik kedvenc kepem toled ez volt... sirok en is 😂

A lovely job!

Nahát! Ez egy gyönyörű történet! Üdv a kicsi tengerésznek is!

WOW. what a story!
a wonderful drawing my dear friend. looks pretty cute!

Awww...the sailor will have a benevolent kind look on the little boy and will take care of his dreams...

Yes ! :-) Thank You Barbara !

Ahh, what a heartfelt story! A lovely painting and I'm happy that the new parents got their baby and the sailor for the nursery. :)

he is born out of your soul, he will make this little one a happy boy, with a future as wide as the horizon, I want to smile with you, together, for that!

I am so glad your sailor has such a happy reason to embark on a new journey!

This sailor has a very kind look.
At first I thought that he was just in love with you and the way you paint him.
But I read the story and realized that this is a look of love for the child! :)))

Hey, @agneslaczo i like your all post.so amazing.

That is such a cool commission!
Is that a painted moon? Or a knob in the wood?

This is not a commission.
Yes, it is a moon.

Oops sorry, I thought because you wrote 'customer'. But it was a gift hartje.gif

Interesting Popeye the Sailor Man art. Love it. Hope he takes care of and watches over the son wisely and well. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.

Wow! This a lovely story.. Also a good painting dear. So cute. Love it.