True life story :The journey of success (video)

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Born into poverty his father died when he was five.

He was 66 and only had two things: a check for $106 and a recipe for fried chicken.

He cooked for his younger siblings while his mother worked at the canning factory.

IMG_20180606_001041.jpgAt 10,he got his first job working as a farmland. He then worked as a painter streetcar conductor, and army soldier, all to support his family, by 17 he had worked at least a dozen of Jobs, and then he worked on railroad, dabbling as a blacksmith, a cleaner, and a fireman. IMG_20180606_001104.jpg

He sold insurance, and then Michelin tires. He was constantly being let go from jobs.

"one has to remember that failure can be stepping-stone to something better"

Six year later, he opened a gas station, where he also sold fried chicken to hungry commuters. IMG_20180606_001152.jpg

His chicken became so popular that he opened a restaurant across the street.

News of Gus delicious recipe spread, and he was made Kentucky colonel for his growing influence. But as the US prepared for Word War II, the gas at his station was rationed, business dropped, and he was forced to close down. Still, he knew that his fried chicken recipe could make him a bit more money. So he tried licensing the recipe to restaurants.

When he was 66,he began driving his car across the US. He spent days teaching customers his technique and night, sleeping in the backseat of his car. They say Sanders was rejected 1,009times before ever making his first deal. But once those deal came in, Sanders got paid 5 cents on every chicken sold Eight years later, he had more 600 franchises.
Today, KFC is the world's fouth largest restaurant chain with over 20,000 locations.
His handwritten secret recipe remain safe in a vault in Louisville, Kentucky
But one thing he was always willing to share is what jump started his fried chicken empire so late in life :Integrity

"I've only had two rules.
Do all you can and do it
The best you can "




What is his full name ?

Colonel Sander