[64] Three sisters and two female dogs…(Episode - 10)

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I said, this is the son of the king here. We will go to Baghdad. Be with me We will stop the house.
Then yesterday I told them everything in the incident. Captain and the employees of my ship are very happy. But I noticed my sisters could not be happy. They could not be happy to see so much riches and a beautiful nobleman brought them together.

Ship off the ship. The Prince is not without me. Throughout the day we are fluttering in love. My sisters started jealous of violence. They had made the family twice by shadi. But the rules left. The niko ghee on the forehead, what will happen in the cheat?

Even such a beautiful man also had hoped in life. But instead of cheating the fraud Janglijnoyar The two sisters started hanging in the trap. We need to get rid of both of them. Then the chest will add irritation, and my wealth can also be managed. I but then in another world. I have never had such sweet taste before love. So both of us have gone so far from being jealous of these jealousies. Our love is exaggerated and the desire for the induction of the Indra people beyond social life is so desperate.

The air is ours. The ship is going on. Sea calm There is no reason to worry. If you continue to walk in the country then you will soon reach. After few days, we reached Barshra port. The evening has come down. The ships were anchored. Everyone we were lying down with eating food. After a while we fell asleep.

But my two sisters did not sleep. They pressed the foot and came into our room. The very sleepy people took both of them and threw them into the water. Dark night I used to eat oysters in the ocean water. I learned swimming in my childhood. One time I came to Kolla by swimming. But the shahjada - I could not hide my love. Nothing is seen in the dark darkness. Nevertheless, I started crying out loudly to him. But I did not get any response.

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To Be Continued

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