[155] The story of Nur al Din and his brother Shams al Din… (Episode - 66)

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Hussein looked at his eyes with broken eyes. Baba, when did you get in the bath, and this is now out. Did you fall asleep?

Hussein wants to pull Hassan to his chest by raising his arms. Don't come closer? What do you see me doing? Despite playing so much, hope is not satisfied? It's morning It won't happen anymore.

Laughing like a fool, listening to Hussein. Hey hey hey Ho ho ho Very funny dream? Not again, surely he has eaten something in Hassan Gaza. Otherwise, such a weird shop could never happen. She left Hussein and jumped up. Eyes like rattlesnails, hands raised to either side of the ears, back and forth. As if a serpent had pursued it. Suddenly the cracks fell on the carpet. Hussein can no longer suppress a smile. He got up in bed and said, "Oh, it seems." Why are you doing so? Have you done any addiction?
What addiction?

How do I say that? If a good person is leisurely, the work is done in a small house. Then I do not know anything. If you have drunk there or dreamed about falling asleep, how do I know? But it's too late for you. It will be hours.
Miss the hour? If so, I think I fell asleep. And all the dreamers dreaming about sleeping. See, in Damascus, I did a haulage shop. I sell it by myself.

Hussein laughed. Oma do you know the work of halwiker?

In my childhood, I learned how to make bedding halwa from my mother. Very fun to eat I will feed you one day. Listen, one day a baby boy came to the shop. What to look beautiful, what to tell you. As if it had come down from heaven. I bowed to him and fed him the halwa made by my own hands. And that was my time.

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To Be Continued


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