[151] The story of Nur al Din and his brother Shams al Din… (Episode - 62)

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Without Uzi's cry, I will crucify you. Now you will be tied to the back of the car and dragged to the intersection. The townspeople should see you first. Then you will be tied to the cross.

But what is my crime?

Guilt? You did not mix the chili powder properly in that halva. This is your crime

On hearing this, his cheeks smile on his own. Oh my god, this is absolutely a decree to hang on a trivial matter. That's why you've been handcuffing me for so long? In the name of water throughout the day, you only gave the name once? So much torture and so much suffering that you could not recover. But my crime was not punished? Then, if you hit me on the cross, will your desire be fulfilled?

OK, okay. Only then will my wish be fulfilled. Why didn't you just give the chili powder? Why not? So this is your deserving punishment.

Hasan sits on the ground. Water stream with two eyes. He is worried about his own misfortune.

A little later Uzi asks, what do you think?

No, nothing. Just wondering, this is the state of the world today because of the obese people like you have become Shiromani. If the donkey was not in the hands of a donkey like you, innocent innocent people like me would not have lost their lives in such a trivial way. Whoa. What is the crime No, just as the chili powder was not mixed - in Halwa. If this is not the case of Kazi.

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