[150] The story of Nur al Din and his brother Shams al Din… (Episode - 61)

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Illegal? What else can be punished? You have to get more punishment than that.

Uzi asked a servant to buy a large wooden box. Hasan had to fill a wooden box with a camel's back and carry it to Cairo.

Uzi, now his mother, Hussein can not say anything. When you arrive in Egypt, they will tell you all.

The tabernacle was set up. Uzi and his team leave for Cairo. Day after day they continue. When it is time to eat, Hasan is taken down for a while. When the food is finished, the camels are pressed back into the box. That way spend a few more days. Uzi interrogated Hasan at times and brought him down. You made that halwa in your own hand?

Hasan replies, yes sir.

Uzi then orders, push the man into the box and push the camel back.

Eventually, they reach the border of Cairo. Zidaneyah camped at the Maidan Maidan in this last part of the city. At the behest of Uzir, his team came to the ground. Hasan asked to be brought down. Immediately he was dropped and placed before the Uzir. Smile back and forth. Don't understand what his crime is. What else to decorate or get her. Head is bowed in front of Uzi. At the behest of Uzir, a carpenter came. Uzi said, "Make a wooden crush the size of this man." Then put his hand on the cross and tie it behind a carriage.

Hasan wept, and he did the same.

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