[149] The story of Nur al Din and his brother Shams al Din… (Episode - 60)

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But Uzi could not decide what to do then. Thinking a little, Said said, "Go with that servant to the shop now." As you can tie him up. But look, it doesn't hurt.

Uzi himself leaned on a horse. With the warrant given by the Sultan of Egypt, Kierani of Damascus reached the commander's office. Hukumdar Adar welcomed him. He asked whom do you want to imprison?

One of the bazaars in this market.

What is more, I am arranging everything right now. John sent a few sepoys to Barkandj. Tell them, the people of Uzi sir have gone there, go and see if they need help.

Samson al-Din then returned straight from the commander's office to the tent.

A group of people came in front of the hawker shop with a sticky spade gaiti. It was broken down and crushed. They threw away all the sweets that were made. Then Hassan was tied behind the rope and lifted him on his shoulder. He smiled as he came to grip his servant's back, even though he had never dreamed that it might be so painful.

When Hasan was taken down in front of Uzir, he burst into tears. What is my crime

You made that halwa?

Yes sir Why, did I do anything illegal?

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