[148] The story of Nur al Din and his brother Shams al Din… (Episode - 59)

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And they say today, my halva cannot be lifted. Which, with a bowl, I get the income, how is your halwa. Judging by my husband's bravado, which one is better.

So Said left with cinnamon and a half dinar to bring halwa. He came to the shop and said to the hawiker, "Look, brother, a man in our house will eat the halwa of your bed." Give me half a dinar in this bowl. This halwa was also made at home today. The two will be tested together, which is better. For that reason, give good things. I don't want to eat anymore, because you trust me.

I will give such a thing, eat and take shelves. No one knows how to make this thing in the world except my mother. Today she lives in a far away country.

Fill the bowl with halwa and sprinkle it on top of it. Said brought Grandma's hand.

He took the bowl in his hand and took a moment to look at it. Hassan's mother immediately fell to the ground, crying and being ignorant.

Halwa realized that by stopping a piece of tongue, it was no one else, but his son, Hassan's own hand. Uzi and whoever he was, came running. The water was given to the eyes. After a while the knowledge returned. He said that this halwa was made by my son Hassan. No one else in the world knows the tactics.

The complainant then said the situation. The fever came as she trembled with a strange joy of finding the lost gem. In the end, God raised his face.

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Thanks for sharing your story!

Thank you bro...

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