[144] The story of Nur al Din and his brother Shams al Din… (Episode - 55)

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From the niche, the pitcher of the gulzajal brought it down to the pitcher. Then bring two glasses of syrup and put it in front. Take it, eat it.

Beautiful summery rose flowers. Eat the mind of both of them. After they finished eating, it was too late.

Looking back at the tent, the mother-in-law is worried and looking at the road. Overseas bhumi place - what do you know Azib runs away and hugs his mother first and kisses him. Then to Grandma. Grandma is crying. Say, where was the brother for so long?

Grandma in the market.

However, they are very hungry. Come, let it be.

Get up and bring a little pineapple halva in front of the ajib. In Basra, he often used to feed everyone. Everyone ate and admired him. Such sweet could not be found in any of the shops in the city. No one could make it. Hassan's hit is a discovery of its own. Said also said, "You, too, sit down with your boss, and eat what my palate is like. Why in Egypt, no one anywhere in the world can make this thing.

Luckily Khida Said tries to laugh. Please do not give it now. I will sit with my lord, what is it?

Aaji is a little bit of halava in full swallow. But the tasting taste. Sugar is low, not pleasant. In a strange way, weepy mouth with ajeeb, saying how such halwa grandma, has not been good at all.

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