[143] The story of Nur al Din and his brother Shams al Din… (Episode - 54)

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If you still have a sweet face today, please be very happy. God knows why, I cannot change your mind from day to night until I see you that day. What magic is in your eyes? Even when you sleep, those two eyes of yours wander in front of me. I was too stupid to chase after you. I had to repent a lot later.

Azib says, you are a serious person. After crying out and eating sweet amanda, you chase back to scare us. but why? I will not enter your shop today. Do not swear before us, but I can eat your halva. If not, I will never come to your shop. We will be having a week in Damascus. My grandfather would buy every kind of exterior to give to the sultan.

I promise you I will never follow you again. Come on in.

Azib and Said had a very sweet and sweet, sweet and sweet dish of the bed. Azib said, he said, and hauliker, where you come, you also eat with us. Bless God, that I may find my father.

Hasan sat in front of them. I see ajeeb in a different way. Can't speak He does not like the way he wants to live. A little annoyed, say, yes, what do you see, say. Do I have a sore throat on my face? Dohai Bapu, remove both your eyes. Swallow or eat my face.
Laughs Not angry at his words.

Hasan beautiful rhythm, Shayari heard Aziz and Said. They forgot about words and poems for about an hour after they finished eating. They do not understand how to spend so much time. Both of them are fascinated to hear. In a bowl, bring warm water and wash the hands of your lifelong hand. Hand and mouth wipe with a towel.

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