[142] The story of Nur al Din and his brother Shams al Din… (Episode - 53)

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A few days later they arrived in Damascus again. One day, they drove to the tent again for a little pause. Samson al-Din said, we will stay here for a few days. I'll do some shopping for the sultan here in the market.

Wazir went to the market the next day. Azib then said, "Father Said, let's go a little further into the city." How much fun is funny will be seen. Apart from that, the man is also looking forward to seeing how the man is. Ah, that would have happened if he hadn't hit the man that day. What a sweet dessert he gave us.

Said said, which is to say, boyish.

Aziz and Saeed are on their way to Damascus. Purposelessly. What a beautiful decorated shop, what a fun camel, donkey, and horse procession. The evening is almost either. The sun is sitting on the jet. It was observed that Muslims in the group were going to pray during the evening at the Banu Yumayad Mosque. It was not difficult to recognize Azib, they have come to the front of the haulike shop. As he could see from outside the shop, he still made bedding halwa. The fragrance is filled all around. Inside the shop, I see if there is a shop. She also wants to see if the wound on her head is dry. Looks like the wound was dry but the stain did not match.

How are you, shopkeeper. I've come to think of you all the way. You know me. Ah, that day you had a fever.

Hassan was shocked to see Ajib suddenly in front. The water-filled bucket falls out of hand. There is a rash in the chest. The head rotates left and right. How jive is tight. Can't even say what to say. Just a moment After that he says to himself, Come in, Lord.

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