[141] The story of Nur al Din and his brother Shams al Din… (Episode - 52)

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Tears rolled down his chest and entered the house. Hassan's door opened to strike. From the day Hassan disappeared, he closed the door of the house and glowed in mourning. A tajiya is arranged in the middle of the room. His idea of ​​laughing was no longer alive. So this Tajiata was created as his memory. He sat all night in front of Tajiata, thinking of the boy.

Hassan's Ahazari heard that Samus al-Din stood in front of the door. Later, Hasan's mother got up and welcomed her. Samus al-Din came in and sat down. First, he introduced himself and then told him the whole story in detail. How he got into the living room on the night of his daughter's marriage, how he was married to her. And how does having dinner with him mysteriously disappear before dawn - all tales. Then he goes on to tell Azeev, "Here is your grandson - my grandson." This is our only pig. Bring it to your chest to ease the grief of the heart.

Shams al-Din's words meant that his son Hassan was still alive. She can no longer hold herself. Rolled to his feet.

Azib comes forward and jumps on Grandma's chest and weeps. Samson al-Din says, now is not the time to cry. We have a lot of work to do. Get up, get ready, and don't be late, we'll leave for Egypt. Hasan has to find out.
Hasan's mother was quick to prepare. The balance sheet was tied up. Foods on the way seemed to add up. Some of the servants went out with Samson al-Din with a maid.

Before leaving Basrah, they went to the Sultan to bid farewell. The sultan gifted a variety of beautiful exterior items. Many more valuable subtasks are also given to the Egyptian sultan. After this, Shams al-Din returned from Basrah with Aziz, Hussein, Hasan's mother and servants.

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