[140] The story of Nur al Din and his brother Shams al Din… (Episode - 51)

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He returned to the shop and started selling. Today his mother began to remember one thing very much. Destiny can never be avoided.

After spending two days in Damascus, at the end of the third day, Tabus returned to Basrah and traveled to Basrah. On the way, Hem, Hamah, Aleppo, Diyar Bakar Meridan, Mosul, and other small towns passed through. Finally one day they arrived in Basrah.

First everyone went to the court of the sultan. Appropriate Shahi Qaeda greeted the sultan and introduced himself.

I am the brother of your former Uzi Nur al-Din. I am appointed as the Wazir of the Sultan of Egypt.

The Sultan too cared for him very well. After asking Kushaladi, he asked for the purpose of arrival. Saying, Nur al-Din has left us. But I still can't forget his words. She was a big favorite. Everyone was impressed with his work, his conduct. There are millions of people like him. And the son of his diamond-smile, he was the mane of my eye. I lost him for thirteen years today. Where that went - no one can tell. His mother Nur al-Din's widow still lives in Basrah. Waiting for the boy. If ever he comes back - in that hope. The father-in-law of Nur al-Din was also wise in my court. He died long ago.

Samson al-Din is desperate to see Hassan's hit. The Sultan handed Samus al-Din to Hassan's hit with the people.

Nur's palace passes through the vast courtyard. Made of marble stones of various colors. Upon entering the front door, the blade of Noor's name was engraved on the gold plate. Shams al-Din felt as if he was rubbing his hands over the name. Eyes filled with water.

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