Painting with Abbi in the morning

in story •  last year

She has picked her colors

Here she goes.




Almost there

Two are Done



One more to go.



Last one for today. Sending love to all. Keep what you want share the remainder of that love with others.
Rich in love

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She's an awesome artist. Keep up the good work. Much love from steemit.



Thank you! I think so too. Glad to have been introduced to steemit and we do enjoy sharing our love.


Thank you very much


You are welcome :)

Thanks for sharing the art with us!

I want to support you with my upvote and resteem Abbis photos 😊 👍 keep up the good work!

Greetings from
Djangos story @juicypop


Thank you to the moon and back more love your way

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I have to be honest, I opened this post and immediately thought it would be a cute post about her pastime. I didn't take Abbi seriously. I'm ashamed at that first judgement.

These are beautiful paintings. Looking at them reminds me of laying back on a summer day looking at the clouds. Shapes and life emerge from what at first seems like just a beautiful mess.

The reward for this post is well deserved.


Check us out. Its ok with us. Love to receive such a loving response Thank you dearly. Passing the love around is so much fun. FYI Abbi puts several beautiful items in her art. We have been doing this for years her signiture is a ghost found in most all paintings. As you notice you have to look. Love to you.

Recibido con amor..!!!, gracias por compartir con la comunidad.


What Language is this I have to learn to translation. Thank you love sent to you. Glad you enjoyed!

I think you did your morning very well and it's so nice work


Thank you greatly. We like to keep busy. Love sent


Juat do it and do your best! 😊


Juat do it and do your best! 😊

Congratulations @abbijulie!
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Thank you this feels really great. Love steemit community greatly.

I love the colors. They are happy paintings. You are blessed. 🐓🐓


Thank you very much for the great compliment. I feel very Blessed every day to see Abbi my girl being happy in her life. Together we create love to pass around. Love to you be Blessed.


You are too kind! Thank you. Re-steeming Abbi's painting. Happily. 🐓🐓

Glad to see her enjoy herself. Painting has been therapeutic for me, I'm sure it is as much for her.


Yes very much so thank you greatly. More Love for you to use

love this, shes having a great time!! love that smile :)


We do love Abbi and her smile. Love to you