So is this a true story or not?

Only the first part. I caught the swarm and when the Missus and I were taking it home I was thinking about one of those YouTube videos. We joked around about a hypothetical situation. And a lie, uh , story developed.

Ok, that works. I'm actually glad to hear you didn't lose your bees.

I’m glad you read it! Thank you!

This is truly fabulous! Have you ever thought of doing the @comedyopenmic Those clowns would absolutely love this one.

No, I never thought of that. Perhaps I’ll do another one soon and use the tag line. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

🤣🤣🤣🤣. You made me almost spit out and choke my morning coffee! Oh, my gosh! What a way to deal with grey area cops! Gotta love it. This deserves a resteem. I bet officer I am the Law! won't be stopping your truck anytime soon! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ha! I'm so glad you liked it Ceci! A resteem from you means a lot! As long as you're still posting I know you're safe, or as safe as you can be. Be careful my friend.

I will. Thanks, my friend!

I know that town, and maybe that officer, LOL! I have collected many a hive this way, but this may very well be the most fun I have had with a swarm. :)

I think these little towns are all over the country! The officers too! Thanks for reading my friend!

I actually picked up a hive from an airport. It was in a tree right outside of the tower entrance. They were happy to see me! :)

But no cops, LOL!

Back to doing exceptionally funny stories I see! Your sense of humor is unbelievable and and the stories ALMOST believable. I'm thinking you are taking true stories and weaving, spinning and manipulating them into TALL tales. At any rate, they are fun to read and they paint an awesome picture! Keep on making us laugh @beekerst!

I think you’ve figured out my secret Sunnie! I come from a long line of liars... cough... story tellers!

I find both your real life sharing and your fiction to be highly entertaining. Classy.

Hey, hey my friend! Seems like both of us have been lax in our posting. Work has been crazy and the depression in the cryptos have cooled my enthusiasm. It’s great to hear from you!

I really enjoyed perusing through your blog last night. I hadn't logged on for nearly a month.
As you said, work is crazy. Also we relocated closer to where I work and I had a minor health issue. Had to slow down on the blogging hours.
I suppose the drop in crypto prices has effected me also, but accumulation of crypto is what matters long term, rather than current price.

Yep, I suppose I’ll have more time to write soon. I hope your health issue has been resolved. Carry on, my friend!

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