The Magical Mirror - A story in under 300 words

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The saleswoman looked with pity and sadness at the awkward and timid girl.
Quiet voice, unfashionable clothes, careless hair…
This saleswoman was shy and unsociable in her youth, too.
But she was helped to believe in herself by one wise woman…

The saleswoman asked girl what she wanted.
"Mirror" - the girl whispered.
That saleswoman understood everything.
"Do not you even have a mirror in the apartment?"
The girl nodded.
“Did not you want to see your reflection?”
The girl nodded again.
"And now .. What happens now? Oh, I guess… Did you .. fall in love?"
The girl blushed.

It was evening, the store was empty.
"Please tell me", asked the saleswoman.

And the girl told everything, how she loved her co-worker, and it seemed he liked her, but she was afraid that she was unworthy of his love! She blushed or turned pale when he spoke to her, and stuttered with excitement.
The saleswoman smiled and pulled out a cute mirror.
“Take this! It's magic mirror!”
"Is it true?" the girl whispered amusedly.
“Yes, yes, it's magical! Looking at it, you will become more beautiful day by day!
Only one requirement: please, buy a new dress and change your hairstyle!

On the way home, the girl bought a new dress.
At home she put it on, washed her hair and hung the mirror at the best place.
"Oh, it’s true!" she thought, "I'm not ugly in this mirror!"

The next day she wanted despite a new dress, slip past her beloved colleague, but remembered her reflection yesterday in the new mirror!
So she straightened, proudly raised her head with long shiny hair and greeted her colleagues with a sonorous voice.

And from that day everything was changed!
Within a month, all colleagues were invited to a wedding!


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Magic mirror story. Quite good. I am not sure what a sonorous voice sounds like, but I guess it is designed to attract the opposite sex.