@wisher (54) It seems that you find a lot of posts to be "very good" or you have left similar short comments on lots of blogs. Some people would think you are trying to draw attention to yourself or fishing for for votes, and flag you for it.

For the time being, I will spare you that, but I would be most grateful if you would clarify exactly what is "very good".

A maximum 300 hundred word answer would definitely show a level of commitment that you haven't previously made.

Hey, swiss man, I want to ask you what do you think about @steem-network? They have been flagged by steemcleaners, I have warned them and flagged them and they still don't stop. I have used more then a half of my voting power but it's useless. I have even written a post about them asking people to support with somw flags. Can you please check on then and look at their comments and please tell me what do you think? Thank you so much, I really hope you will see this comment.

Hi @mejustandrew . Thanks for drawing my attention to this spammer @steem-network who is acting under false pretences to trick newcomers to the steemit community.

His annoying image has invaded many of the blogs I looked at, and in many cases tricked the newbies into believing he is an official steem representative.

When I check his logs, he had a reputation score of only 4 and a wallet balance of $2.

My first downvote reduced his rep to 3 and my second downvote reduced it to 2.

His main linked post is hidden and if a newby does arrive there they will hopefully see your warning as the second comment.

Thank you so much for your help! I couldn't resist to see them still spamming people, ignoring everything I have told and also my small flags. I hope they will be flagged by other users too, until their reputation goes at 0 or below so their posts will be hidden by default. It is so sad to see them tricking newbies who do not even know how a spam bot looks like. Thank you a lot again for your support!

Hello swissclive, I'm not just looking for attention but above all to understand many things on this social that I do not know, your name came to me through my group steempostitalia, where they talked about your idea that I find very good short story 300, I apologize if I have expressed too little but I hope that with this I can remedy but especially sorry for the delay in response still taken by the joy of the holidays;)


I wanted to ask you what do you think of my book CHAPTER ONE DE "THE NARCISO IMPENITENTE, these stories could be included in your description?
Thanks in advance...

No, sorry. It's supposed to be original fiction stories. If already published, it does not count.

every day I write a page of my book, I wanted to know if it can be compatible with short story initiative to story in under 300 words

No, sorry. Story must be fiction (look it up). A Short story is not a page out of a book.

Thanks for your answers always ready, I'll try to write a short blog fantastic!