The secret of happiness ( a short story )

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Once a Merchant send his son to a Monk to find the secret of happiness. In the palace where the Monk used to live; he saw a crowd of people. He waited for days to meet him. When his time came he asked his question; the secret of happiness. The Monk told the boy he didn't have time just to explain the secret of happiness but ask him to look around the palace and come back.
Meanwhile he gave him teaspoon of drop oil and asked him not to drop it. He spent his time and returned to the palace. The Monk asked how was his palace? The boy replied he was keeping eye on the spoon and couldn't observe the surrounding. He again gave him oil drop and ask him to look around the palace. After few hours he returned to Monk and he was asked how was the surrounding. He replied was it was beautiful. The monk then pointed out the spoon and asked for the oil drop. He replied he was observing the scenery he forget about oil drop.
The monk then replied " the secret of happiness is to see all the beauty of world and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon."
Word Count : 204


Thanks for participating, I think there is a small typo. Replace “key” with “an eye”.
I enjoyed your story and will try to do what the monk say is, I E to see all the beauty of the world but not to forget the little things.


Thank you for pointing out the error And thank you the contest. :) I appreciate what you doing .

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