Kind magician

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Olga had heard a rustle and was frightened, when someone
touched her shoulder.
But immediately she calmed down: there was an old man with a thick beard in front of her, Olga recognized him.

He was the seller in the bookshop, where she went in the morning for a volume of Goethe. Then he told her “We will definitely meet again and very soon!”

"Olga," - the old man said politely, even tenderly, and smiled.
Olga felt his kindness and wisdom, and suddenly she wanted to tell him about her life, how she had been walked in this park for two weeks, how she read books, how she reflected seriously.
How she sometimes wept from loneliness…

Olga wanted to tell the old man about how long she had not experienced real human friendship and love, about her dreams of finding her real man.
She wished to tell about many other things to smiling old man, whom she hardly knew.

And the old man, as if he sensing her desire, sat down on a bench and held out his hand to her, offering to sit down. And then he gently said - "Please, dear, tell me about your live".

And Olga began to tell. She had been telling about her life for a long time.
She did it as if they were friends.
The old man listened attentively.
While he was listening, Olga became calmer and happier.

And after a couple of hours passing people could see a laughing girl and an old man, looked like grandfather and granddaughter.
The old man was smiling softly, and the girl was laughing merrily, walking next to the old man.

The next day Olga's life changed.
She met a very nice and kind young man...

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Замечательный рассказ

Мне очень нравится


Долучайтесь до нашої спільноти у Steemit.

What a lovely story. :-)

Lovely story, although the ending was not what i wished. I wanted him to marry this perfect, but old man. Then after a kiss he could turn into a charming prince.