New Year's Surprise - A story in under 300 words

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The city tired of the bustle of New Year's holidays was fast asleep.
Nobody could see a dark object traced out the sky.
It hovered over house number nine on Green street, and the top of the poplar tree became covered by tiny creatures, a bit larger than a bumblebee, but similar in appearance to dwarf lemurs.
They had noisily examined the top of the tree and their miniature paws and long thin tails clung to branches.
They were famous Executors of Words!
Everything that would be said under this tree would immediately come true!

Ann and David quarreled about twice a day, but this time everything was more serious than usual.
David jumped out of Ann's apartment with a hastily packed sports bag and rushed down the stairs, Ann drove after him on the elevator...
David was even glad that everything was over, he had never love Ann very much.
Now he can call Olga, his ex-girlfriend...

Ann caught up with him under the poplar tree.
"Have you never loved me?" she cried out.
"I loved," David said calmly.
And indifferently added: - “And now I love you”.

He prepared to run further and wanted to say some banal farewell words, but suddenly fell silent and stared at Ann.

How hadn’t he noticed before?
The girl in front of him was incredibly beautiful!
Thick fluffy curls shone golden on her temples, a robe accentuated her femininity, the delicate skin on her cheeks flushed with excitement, and bright eyes looked at David with love and despair.

“Ann, it’s so cold! Let's go home!”
David hugged Ann and quickly went back with her, wondering how he hadn’t seen the beauty of Ann before, didn’t appreciate her devotion, how could he imagine his life without so wonderful and so beloved Ann...


Now that’s a story with a happy ending! I loved it. There were a number of grammatical errors, ( “Anne drove” - should be “Anne followed him in....” but not to worry the story was clear.

What I would like to know is “Did this really happen?”


Thank you very much)

Интересная любовная история. У Вас неплохо получается.

Спасибо большое. Для меня Ваш положительный отзыв - ценный)

Иногда случается колдовство в мире!

Точно :-)

Nice story.. Sometimes what we need is already close to us but we don't even realize it! Don't worry for your english, i've the same problems too ;-)

Thank you very much)