One in the house - is a short story of 300 words

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Hello Steemians I decided to participate in the contest from @swissclive to write a short story of 300 words and I want to introduce my story. The rules of participation are extremely simple:

  • The first tag should be "story-300words"
  • The history should be less than 300 words.
  • Appreciate only your original work (you can not take stories from the Internet)
  • The last day for this initiative is January 8, 2018
    I also encourage everyone to support newcomers and read the stories of other participants.

Name: One in the house
Word Count: 300

A couple of weeks ago my wife left me and took my daughter with me. We had a big scandal, which ended in divorce. After that, I was left alone, and lost all the joy of life. Many in my situation start to drink alcohol, but I believe this is not an option. I decided to take my mind off and start to build a quadrocopter, I used to dream to do it. To diversify the entire assembly process and get advice, I decided to shoot every day on video and laid out on youtube.

The weekend was approaching; I returned home from work and was surprised. Things in my apartment were chaotically scattered. It was strange, because yesterday I was already cleaning the whole house. The first thought was that someone got into my room and there was a theft. But having checked all the windows and doors, I realized that there was no one else besides me. So who scattered all my things?

Having cleaned the house, I, as always, started assembling the quadrocopter and after that, I sat down at the computer to fill the video. After downloading youtube, I notice dunder my last video there were many comments. It interested me very much, and I began to read what people write there. At first, I could not believe my eyes, people were discussing the fact that on my video several times a person was standing in the corner and looking at me. I was scared, but turned on the video to see it with my own eyes.

Indeed, the video clearly showed the outline of a tall man standing behind me in the corner. The face was not visible, but the eyes were visible, piercingly white in color. I experienced a severe shock. Who was it?

Thank you for your attention, I want to know your opinion about my mini-story?


These are the creepiest of encounters.

The short story did it justice. Well done :)

thanks for the comment and for taking the time to my blog, I appreciate it :)

Well that is horrific to have someone in the house you do not know. What was the connection to your ex-wife?

you're right .. communication was rare, but soon everything became much better, the relationship was getting better. The size of the story is compact, so it was not possible to describe everything more .. Can one story participate in the competition? Or it is possible more?

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