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She was just returning from a trip, it was late at night so she stopped at a mallam's(a name given by africans to islamic scholars. Mostly given in Nigeria to people who are of Hausa tribe)stand to buy suya(barbeque).

'Pls give me 200 naira worth of suya' she told the mallam. As the mallam cut the meat and sprinkled pepper, she asked him
' won't you at least give me some to taste?' .
It was a tradition for the mallam to give a small piece of barbeque for whoever came to his stand to buy. He had probably forgotten, so he quickly cut a small piece, dipped it in pepper and streched it to her.
As she chew the piece of meat, he wrapped the suya she was going to buy in an old newspaper.
Mallam give me one thousand naira suya, a masculine voice spoke. The mallam handed her suya to her and she stretched out a five hundred naira note towards him.
Ahh madam I only have two hundred naira change the mallam told her.
'Won't you leave the change for me ' the guy standing beside her spoke.
' Very funny' she replied him. He looked like he was in his late twenties, was chubby and had that kind of cute look.
Not wanting to stand there and wait for change, she told him 'add hundred naira suya to it' she returned the suya she had collected from him, He unwrapped it cut a few pieces of meat and added it to the suya.
So 'what's the name?'the guy standing beside her asked. ' I'm Victoria and you? ' she replied him .
Well Nice meeting you I'm Philip, and what a selfless act there telling the mallam to add more suya because of unavailable change.

'I only did that to avoid standing here for long' she told him as she smiled.

The mallam handed her suya to her with a two hundred naira note. In a bid to leave, Philip asked her for her number. She called out the digits for him and left hurriedly. Little did she know that her fate was about to be decided.