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i got to know about storj some few weeks ago and after then i have been reading a lot about it and seriously thinking what the future of this technology will be like.

What is storj coin?

storj is a decentralized cloud storage that has the potential of replacing amazon cloud storage and microsoft cloud storage systems. Storj lives on the bitcoin blockchain via the counterparty protocol.

Storj is quite different from Microsoft and Amazon because the files of customers are encrypted, broken into pieces and distributed to be stored on different computer disk spaces provided by people who make their disk spaces available to be used for this purpose. these guys who make their hard drives available are called farmers and they they get rewarded in storj for renting out their drive. these farmers have no access to these files in anyway because the owners of these files have the private keys to these files . Storj Farmers can choose the amount of disk space they want to rent out and how long.

there are several coin that is currently similar to storj, like burst and sia ,burst coin is actually proof of capacity but you are not renting your hard disk space. with storj, you rent your hard drive space and get paid in storj. the more hard drive space you get, the more reward you get.


The first thing you need to know is that renting of hard drive is only possible with a laptops and not mobile device. i don't know if mobile storj storage is going to be available in the future , but for now it is just for PC.

so, first step is... ,


take out time to read their white paper. most people find it really hard to that and reading white paper is very important. the white paper contains every details about that coin that you might not get when someone else explains it to you. the persons explanation to you might miss out on some vital details.

if you find it hard to read long white papers, you can subscribe to the youtube or dtube video channels of crypto lords like @jerrybanfield @kingscrown @datadash @trevonjb @suppoman @boxmining etc .. [click here to read the white paper of storj].

2. go to and click "rent your drive" by the top right corner of the screen.

storj  home.PNG

3. Click download storj share

download storj share.PNG

4. Download Storj Share:

in my case i chose storjshare-gui.win64.exe . to know the one needed for your computer, hold CTRL + E ,click "this pc" then right click and click properties. check the number written before 64 or 32 - bit operating system ,x64-based processor

64 bit.PNG

5. download 64 or 32 .exe

choose pc version.PNG

6. Launch application


7. create an ERC20 wallet:

storj uses ERC20 ,so make sure you either create a myether wallet,mist or parity account

storj software.PNG

8. to create myetherwallet, go to

mew password.PNG

9. Save mew key :

your MyEtherWallet can only be recovered with these file, so save it in a safe place.

save mew key.PNG

10. click "i understand. Continue"

mew i understand.PNG

11. Log into MEW

Choose how you want to log in (use keystore: the file you downloaded when creating your MyEtherWallet )


12. Select Mew file that you backed up


13. click unlock

click mew unlock.PNG

14. scroll down to see your address and copy it

mew address.PNG

15. Paste the copied address here in the storj software you downloaded and click next

storj software drop mew.png

16. Choose where you want the files to be or create a file called "storj"

choose files.PNG

17. Input the amount of storage you want to rent out and click next

amount of space.PNG

18. Configuration finished , click finish


19. Confirmation


12. Connected


congratulations, you have successful become a storj farmer.

Storj referral bonus

this referral bonus is for those who chooses to save their files with storj. to get your referal link, click here to register then click referals as seen below

refefral bonus.PNG
referal bonus

Signing up with storj here gives you 25GB free for the first 12 months , cheaper fees and safes you from the current centralized storage systems we have now .

technology like storj will really be profitable in the future because this world will soon starting seeing the use and need for decentralized services.

so make your research before moving into storj farming or buying the token.

Reference: All screenshots were gotten from and


click the picture below to follow @stach


click the picture below to register on bitshares


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storj data loss.PNG


storj data loss 2.PNG

Very informative post. Thanks bro

Great article... There are few projects based on similar idea... Storj looks like decent one...


Yes, like sia

Thanks for this informative post @samstickkz


You're welcome dear

Great research work..


Thank you dear

Hey @samstickkz,
Nice article about Storj. Its a wonderful new technology definitely. Our hard drives cannot stay idle and be wasting anymore. Right?
What if the farmer loses the PC? Or what if the PC has a viral attack? Will the new info-storer now lose all info?



Even during attack, the files cannot be stolen. I'll research what happens to the fractions in a stolen farming pc

I see You sir

Wow. Quite a concept. Thank you for sharing this useful info. I have a few things I want to ask though. But I will save them till I read the whitepaper. One of those is, what happens to user files if my hard drive damages? Sure the whitepaper will address that.


The full files of the Customer are not in your pc. The files are shredded into bits and distributed to different farmers. The owner of the files has full access to the files because the files can only be retrieved with a private key

Thanks for sharing this information ooo.


You're welcome ooooooo

If the space is used to store malicious content,how can you prevent it from harming your pc?
To implement a reliable cloud storage system,u will need to have those computers powered on 24/7 and hooked to the internet as can this company make sure of that?(so that they don't keep telling users "sorry your files are temporarily unavailable")


They have good plan for that, I'll drop updates

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Thanks for this information. Should I need to leave my PC open 24/7 to use this ?


Yes I guess

Very nice in depth tutorial! I seen this platform good while ago, but for some reason i didnt bother to have clser look into it. But your post changed my mind @samstickkz . Thanks :-)


OK let's keep in touch to know how' it's going

Informative post.

Well detailed and explanatory guidelines.

congratulations, you have successful become a storj farmer.

Lol... Farmer in technology, mhen learning new stuff everyday. I've always associated farmer/farming to the agricultural sector. Welldone boss!


Lol there is farming in Cryptocurrency oh

Would THINK selling storage NOW would be more profitable than later, since demand would outstrip supply since the concept is so new, and a little bit frightening too considering the fear of hacking and viruses, etc..., no?

Yeah, a few bits about what they pay, vs the price of Storj coins in dollars would shed a lot of light on their whole biz model at the moment.

What are they paying themselves, in terms of service fees/coins, in order to further build out their web services to fully compete with AWS and Google Cloud Engine?


I'm still new into storj, as I study more, I'll drop updates

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Useful! Thank's!

Postingan yang sangat hebat.. 👍👍👍

Wow. Thanks @samstickkz for this.


You're welcome sir

Thanks for this information, am currently sharing 20Gb at the moment to see how this works.


ok i will like to get updates on that

are you on discord?

Oh man, I had heard about renting your own car and then renting your bike when not used. Renting your own hard disk is something I am hearing for the first time. Cool information. Thanks for sharing.


That's the power of technology

how does your bandwith affect your earnings? slow bandwith- lower earnings? or earnings do not depend on that?


Low bandwidth, low permission to use steemit. Same way you go to a cafe and buy one hour time to browse

Will go check it out...just hearing it for the first time..tanks @tojukaka

Very vital post, how long does it take for them to use d hardisk and does my laptop need to be online 24hrs? How much do they pay, if u dont so interested and dis post has definitely helped, thanks!


Yes I think your pc needs to be on


very funny :P

Hi @samstickkz, very useful article, but i try it and i cannot move over the step4/5 in the setup because is sticky to looking for open port, this step is not present in your instruction (it came out between your points 18 and 19), do you know what to do? For sure i won't disable windows firewall and antivirus...


I asked to my collegue to try and he have the same problem, stick on step 4/5 with trying to find open port, he have signed on Storj with your link but he got email that account is not yet activated, i think they are changing a lot from the time you made your post...