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The father of the boy joins the many hundred villages singing praises as he makes his way home, finally the boy arrives home and he is met by his loving mother, she was crying, as she sang her praises to her only son, singing the song with pride, she praised before she knew her son was the chosen one and when she saw her son she cried, she cried even more when he ran to her and hugged her, he said mama, they are singing for me, with a smile on his face, the smile she would remember forever as she awaits his return, her only son, they say I am the king, he said and as his father approaches the gates of his home singing praises , to his surprise he had been singing praises to his son, he froze at the gate, did not come in for hours while the villagers embraced the mother and new king with gifts, he could only stand there.

It was like a personal christmas, imagine a black santa, giving all gifts to one family
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After hours of accepting gifts from everyone in the village, the mother prepared a meal special for Morena the chosen one who ate only vegetables and fish, his father was always bitter towards him because he did not like his choice of food, called him names, all because he did not eat any other kinds of meat except for fish, on the day he was chosen he could not embrace him because he dint think he would be chosen, he was embarrassed with the way he treated his son for the past year,
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as he thought back to his actions that made it impossible to face his only son, he would stand there until the lights went off to enter his home, when the boy was done eating, his mother told him to go to sleep because he had an early morning the following day.

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