Thinking deep part 2

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Here am I again, on an occasional visit to myself...playing a game of cards
with my mind, which is something I'm starting to realise that it should be
a regular thing to be in touch with the inner mind of my own subconscious.
I know that I'm only a young adult who is becoming conscious because
judging never became a conscious calling but a narrow and small minded
calling... I know that all people are equal in terms of the brain
capacity... we just use it differently or don't use at all... People blame
circumstances but don't want change their current situation...for me death
is the only dead end in life... that's the only thing that makes you stop
improving and grind day by day... but to me if you stop improving and
hustling and stand on one spot thinking that's all you are capable of, then
to me you have met your death because you stopped thinking and exploring
the entire capacity that was unleashed within your state of mind... problem
with being human is that we want things to be easy... we forget that the
easier things come to us the less appreciative we are of I
realised that nobody is interested in an individual who has everything
easy, people are interesting when they have struggled in life, because they
have a story to tell and have learnt from experience and first hand on how
difficult it is to get by... but then I know I'm not alone in this type of
thinking, we tend to use lions as a sense of our own pride but to me the
lion represents a warrior who will die for what they want, even in tough
times they still fight... that's my reason for loving beasts that are
untamable... but then that's where my mind is at in this current moment...
I shall revisit to play a game of chess.

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