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Grandmother is watching a video on her tablet. She tries to get Bulbul to see it but Bulbul says she's not in the mood.
Grandmother says it's a video of Abhi in concert and he looks so handsome.
Bulbul begs to see it. She says Abhi's girl must be a lucky woman.

Abhi meets up a with a girl who asks him for an autograph. Abhi says he would rather take a photograph with her.
The paparazzi ask him if they are dating but he says they are just friends and have known each other for a long time.
Abhi later tells her that he wants the media to keep guessing.
She suggests they go a party but Abhi says he has a date.
He takes a phone call and tells the person that he is on his way.

He rushes to a house and calls for his sweetheart.
The sweet heart turns out to be his grandmother and its her birthday.
She asks for her gift and he says he got her something nice.
She tells him that she doesn't want something nice, she wants him to find a girl.
Abhi says he can't settle with one girl because the other girls will be unhappy.
She tells him that the women who surround him right now are interested in his money but he needs one who will stick with him through good and bad times.
Abhi tells her that money matters a lot, love may change but money will always be there.

Pragya is wondering why Suresh didn't say goodnight to her.

In the morning, he picks her up and they go to the Municipal office.
Pragya tries to bring up last night but Suresh says he doesn't want to talk about it.

The man in charge of taxes says he will not attend to Suresh because him from a previous incident they had.

Suresh threatens to go to court.
The man tells them to get out and calls Suresh a loser.

Pragya gets upset and says he can't call Suresh a loser because he's an ex army officer and only doing what is right. He helps people whom the who are unable to help themselves and shouldn't be made to pay such heavy taxes .
The man calls them back and apologises, then he collects their files with a promise to reduce the taxes.

Later in the day, Suresh comes to Pragya's house to see her mother
Hetells one of the helps that he wants to book the wedding hall for an event.
The help inform Sanla and Sanla asks the help what she thinks Suresh wants to use the ball for.
The help says it She says it must be that he wants d to marry Pragya.
Sanla gets excited.

Suresh asks Sanla how much it will cost him to book the hall and Sanla says he can't pay because he does so much for the family.
Pragya comes out to meet them and Sanla takes her aside to tell her that Suresh wants to ask for her hand in marriage.
Pragya looks happy.

Suresh tells Pragya that she will have to take leave from work so as to help him plan.
She gets even more excited.
Sanla asks if he needs her to do anything.
Suresh saya all he needs is her blessings.
Sanla tells Suresh that she will bless him and Pragya.
Suresh looks confused and says she will bless his sister also.

Pragya and Sanla look at him in shock and Sanla asks why she needs to bless his sister.
Suresh says she's the one getting married.
Sanla and Pragya's hopes are dashed.

They hear some commotion outside and they all go out to see some men saying they have come to close the wedding hall for lack of tax payments.
Pragya tells them that they pay their taxes every year.
The men say they delayed payment.
Suresh asks if they have a permit for this and they show him then tell him to get out of the way, so they can lock up the place.

The man from the municipal office whom they met earlier, arrives and warns the men never to go anywhere without his permission.
He tells Pragya that he cam to inspect their property himself because of their encounter at his office earlier and he's sorry for what his men tried to do.
Sanla thanks him and invites him to tea.

They enter the house and the man sees Bulbul. He seems to be taken by her beauty but Bulbul quickly leaves the living room.

He tells Sanla that he will take care of all her taxes and will ensure they won't have to pay anymore but he has a proposal for her.
Sanla asks what that will be.
He says he wants to marry her younger daughter.
Sanla isn't very happy, she says her older daughter is not married.
He tells her not to worry about that because he knows a lot of wealthy men that will gladly marry her.
Pragya and Suresh overhear the conversation and they are shocked.

The man leaves and Sanla goes to the room to scold Bulbul.
Bulbul is confused as she doesn't know what is going on.
Sanla tells her that the man wants to marry her and she's sure it's because of what Bulbul is wearing.
Bulbul says she is dressed simply in a pair of jeans trousers and a top .
She says knows him and he has always stalked her, so she's sure he planned it.
Pragya says he planted false penalties because he knew they would come and beg him and this must have been his plan all along.


Pragya cries to Suresh about what her mother has to go through; she has suffered so much for the hall and now she's being blackmailed.
She says Bulbul is her younger sister and she can't bear her having to suffer such fate.
Suresh tells her not to cry and promises to help her. He says she fought the guy earlier for his sake and now he's ready to fight for her too because she's special to him.

Next day, Bulbul goes to meet Suresh for advise on whether to marry the man or not.
Suresh tells her to marry him so her family's problems will be solved.

Bulbul gets home and Pragya asks where she went.
She says he went to the man's office and agreed to marry him.
Sanla is about to slap her but Pragya holds her back.
Bulbul says he's wealthy and can take care of her.

Pragya blames Suresh for taking Bulbul there.
Suresh tells her to look at it from a different perspective, the man can help their family.
Sanla thinks about it and says its true, there's nothing wrong with the guy, he has a lot of money.
Pragya reminds her mother that she has always taught them about having proper values.

She later berates Suresh for what he did and says he's not who she thought he was.

Abhi is at a photo shoot. The clients don't like his attitude because he's greedy but his manager says they are getting value for their money.

The man who wants to marry Bulbul comes for a visit to set the wedding date. He brings flowers for Bulbul.
Pragya asks if he didn't come with any family members.
He says they will come later.

He shows them receipts from the municipal office and says their taxes have been cancelled.
Sanla thanks him but he says the receipts all carry his signature so he can cancel it anytime, if they don't keep their end of the deal.

Suresh says his friends have arrived.
The man says he's not expecting any friends.
Some members of the press arrive with their cameras and Suresh tells them that they should see an upstanding guy who has helped them cancel illegal taxes that were levied on them.
The reporters ask ask the man if he has helped others as well.
He takes them outside to address them then he comes back in to threaten the family that he will do something to their marriage hall tomorrow.

Bulbul shows him a recording on her phone where he was saying he could cancel his signatures at any time if their arrangement is cancelled.
He says they will regret it, then he walks out in anger and defeat.

Pragya and Sanla hug Bulbul and ask how she did it.
She tells them how Suresh planned everything.
Sanla thanks Suresh for doing so much for their family.

At night, Pragya is thinking about Suresh and how much he does for her. She remembers her mother's words that he is in love with her.

Suresh is at home with his friend.
His friend tells him to stop staring at a photo. He asks to see the photo but Suresh tries to hide it.
The friend succeeds in taking the photo from him and he's shocked to see its a photo of Bulbul.
He asks Suresh why he has been making it seem like its been Pragya all the while when it's Bulbul he's in love with.
Suresh says Pragya is his best friend but its Bulbul he loves.

Pragya is at home, wondering why Suresh doesn't just tell her that he loves her.

Suresh tells his friend that he knows Bulbul can never be his but he will wait for her.

Next day, Abhi attends a funeral of a man he doesn't know. He says some words but keeps making blunders like saying the man died so young, when the man was actually 87 years old. He says the man left his wife but the man had no wife.
He takes pictures with the man's son and the son begs Abhi to stay and take more pictures. Abhi whispers to him that it will cost him some more money.

As Abhi and his friend are leaving, the friend who is also his manager shows him some cheques but Abhi says he's not interested because he trusts his friend.

Suresh and his friend are riding on the scooter to the railway station to receive Suresh's mother and sister.
Abhi's car is driving behind them and blaring the horn for Suresh to get out of the way.
the friend looks back and sees its Abhi.
He gets excited and tells Suresh to pull over on the side of the road or make way for him.
Suresh says he got thrown out of Abhi's concert and he won't move out of the way because he's within his rights.

At a traffic light, Suresh stops and Abhi's car moves on.
Suresh takes down the number of the car and says he will report the matter to the authorities.

They get to the train station and Suresh sees a man sweeping. He complains that the man is not sweeping properly and wants to take the broom from him but his friend stops him.
Suresh gets a call from Pragya who sounds like she's in a panic. She tells him to hurry to her house because her family is in trouble.

Suresh rushes to Pragya's house and is surprised to see his mother and sister there.
Pragya and Bulbul laugh at his expression.

Pragya says she brought his mum to the house.
Bulbul says it was her idea.

Suresh stares at Bulbul not knowing what to say.



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Suresh greets his mother and sister.
His sister, Rashna, says she would be happy if he gets married as well.
Pragya tells him to go and freshen up so he can eat.
He asks about his folks and Pragya says they will stay with her and her family.
He asks if it's okay and Sanla says it's better for them since the wedding will take place at their wedding hall.

As Suresh is washing his face, Arvint urges him to tell Bulbul how he feels; since it was her plan to bring his folks to the house, she must be feeling the same thing he feels.

Suresh stands looking at Bulbul who has her back turned to him.
His mother sees him watching and thinks he's looking at Pragya who is staring at him.

Sanla shows Suresh's mother and sister to their room.
Sanla's friend who helps her in her business, has a daughter named Purvi, who is Bulbul's closest friend.
Purvi comes to visit and Sanla introduces her to Suresh's family.

Arvint tells Suresh to go and talk to Bulbul or he will tell his mother that he's in love with another girl.
Suresh is nervous.

Suresh's mother tells Sanla that she has finally figured it out; Suresh is in love with Pragya.
Sanla says she has also noticed but the two of them are too shy to tell one another how they feel.


Suresh goes to Bulbul and gives her a rose flower.
She asks if he knows the meaning of it, then she laughs and says she knows it's meant for Pragya.

Suresh says that wasn't his plan.
Pragya walks into the kitchen and Bulbul gives her the rose, saying Suresh brought it for her..

Bulbuls leaves the kitchen and Pragya thanks Suresh for the rose.
Suresh is confused and can't tell her the truth.

Suresh's mother tells Sanla that she thinks they should plan Suresh and Pragya's wedding.
Bulbul rushes to them and says it's a good idea because Suresh just gave Pragya a red rose.
The mothers are happy.

Grandmother reads a story on her phone and announces that Abhi is about to get married and he will announce it on the news.

Bulbul and Purvi scream "Noo!!" and turn on the news.
Abhi announces on TV that his brother is getting married and he will rock his wedding.

The girls heave a sigh of relief saying Abhi is not the one getting married.
Purvi says the other guy is Akash, Abhi's cousin and he's the one getting married.

Sanla says if Abhi is spending to much on his cousin's wedding, one can only imagine how much he will spend on his.

Abhi and his brother who also acts as his manager,Purab, arrive at the house where the engagement is being held.
Abhi greets his uncle, Akash and his fiancée , then he walks away to greet his grandmother upstairs.

His grandmother says she kept some food for him because she knows he won't want to eat downstairs.
She brings the issue of marriage up again and Abhi is not interested.
She tells him that he needs someone to stand by his side and complete him.
Abhi says marriages don't last anymore.
Purab comes upstairs and they start eating grandmothers food from the same plate.

Grandmother remembers when the boys were younger and used to eat from the same plate.
She tells Purab to talk to Abhi because when he gets married, Abhi will be all alone
Abhi says when one has money, he's never alone.

Suresh tells Pragya that his sister was never interested in marriage in the past.
Pragya says she has decided she will never get involved in an arranged marriage; she will marry the guy she loves.
Suresh asks if she loves someone.
She says she does, then she asks him the same question.
Suresh admits he also loves someone.
Pragys asks him who it is and he tells her to say hers first.
She says she will tell him later.
He says the same thing.

Grandmother continues to disturb Abhi and he finally agrees he will get married. He says he won't marry for love; he will marry someone like him who loves money and who will love him.

Sanla is sitting outside the house with her friends, Suresh's mother, Grandmother, Rashna, Purvi and Bulbul.
She tells them that in 3 days time, the stars will align and people can make a wish it and it will come true.
Bulbul says they have to make Suresh and Pragya come together and tell each other how they feel, so they can take advantage of the stars aligning.
Everyone agrees to go along with the plan.
Bulbul calls it 'Operation lovebirds'.

Abhi is driving with Purab in the car.
Purab tells Abhi that their grandmother worries about him a lot and has to take some pills before she can sleep at night.
Abhi asks if he's telling him to get married because of that.
Purab says he wants Abhi to get married and settle down.
Abhi asks about him and says he already told him to stop working for him and concentrate on his own thing.
Purab says he promised their grandmother that he will take care of Abhi, so he can't leave Abhi till he knows he's in capable hands. He says he is trying to find someone to manage Abhi's affairs and until he finds the right person, he won't leave.

Suresh tells Arvint that Pragya loves someone too and when he tells her about Bulbul, she will be happy for him.
Arvint is not so sure. He tells Suresh to let Bulbul know how he feels so that both sisters don't start liking him.
Suresh agrees to tell Bulbul tomorrow.

Bulbul and Purvi are out in town, at night.
Bulbul says she applied for a job.
Purvi asks why she applied for a job.
Bulbul says she wants to save some money to get a ticket to fly to Europe to find the love of her life.
She says she's sure she will find her Prince charming someday.

Purab is also out on the town, very close to where Purvi and Bulbul are standing.
He gets a phone call from his aunt informing him about the candidate he shortlisted for an interview, she wants to know if she should call the lady.
Purab says he will call her himself.

Bulbul shows Purvi a shooting star and both of them make wishes.
Purvi asks Bulbul what she wished for.
Bulbul says she wished to see Mr. Right and when she sees him, her heart will start beating.

She immediately receives a call from Purab inviting her for an interview tomorrow.
After the call, she tells Purvi that he sounded really nice.

A girl meets Purab and complains he's been avoiding her and she's been trying to get in touch with Abhi.
Purab tells her to stop stalking Abhi because Abhi will not marry someone like her, he will marry someone who will fall in love with him.
She keeps begging him that she's in love with Abhi and needs to see him.
He keeps telling her no and walking away from her but she runs after him, pleading.
He gets upset and shouts at her to get lost.

Bulbul and Purvi see him as he is shouting at the lady .
Bulbul gets is upset and complains to Purvi that he's so rude to the lady. She prays that her man is nothing like him.

Abhi meets the lady he's been secretly dating, Tarun, at a bar and she asks how he knew she was there.
Abhi says he knows people.
He tells her that Purab was saying they should get married.
Both of them laugh and Tarun says it's not like they will get married because she has 5 contracts and if her clients hear she's getting married to him, she will lose her contracts.

In the morning, Rashna tells Bulbul that they should start operation lovebirds.

Suresh comes to the house. He remembers going to purchase a diamond ring with Arvint.

Bulbul tells Pragya to go and get ready, then she tells Rashna that their plan is coming into play.

Bulbul and Rasha go to meet their mothers and Grandmother .
Rashna announces to them that Suresh bought a ring to give to Pragya, so they all need to hide so he doesn't get nervous and give it to someone else like he did with the flower.

They all hide and Suresh enters the house.
Pragya sees him he hides his hand behind his back.
Pragya asks what he is hiding.
He says it's a ring and she asks to see it.
he shows it to her and she says it's beautiful; whoever it's for, is lucky.
She asks him who he got it for.
He sees Bulbul and takes the ring from Pragya, then points at Bulbul.

Bulbul opens her mouth in shock then she tells the others that she told them he would point to someone else.
Suresh tells Bulbul that he was asking Pragya if she liked the ring but if Bulbul doesn't like it, he will return it to the jeweler.
Bulbul asks if the ring is her size and tries it.
She complains that it's not her size, so she puts it on Pragya and it fits.
Suresh says he bought it for Bulbul.
Bulbul says he bought her a ring in Pragya's size.
Suresh says they can share the ring in that case.
Bulbul says she never liked him but now she see him differently and diamonds are a girls best friend.

Suresh leaves and the other come out of hiding.
Pragya gives the ring to Bulbul but Bulbul refuses to collect it, saying it belongs to Pragya.

Suresh meets Arvint outside and explains what happened to him.
Arvint says he proposed to Bulbul on front of her sister.
Suresh says he did and also won her heart.
They get on the scooter but Suresh sees something and get off.

Bulbul and Pragya argue about who the ring is for.
Bulbul assures Pragya that Suresh loves her.

Suresh stops a man and calls him a thief.
He and Arvint hold him and Suresh opens the man's bag to reveal he stole cables.

Pragya and a Bulbul watch form upstairs.

Suresh sees them and tells the thief that he's a happy man today because the girl he loves has accepted his ring, so the thief can go with a warning.

Pragya beams.

The wedding plans are on the way.

Sanla tells Suresh's mother that there is still some distance between Suresh and Pragya and they need to do something.

Purvi's mother gives Pragya a broom and tells her to clean the ceiling. She makes her climb a stool, then begs Suresh to hold the stool.
The stool shakes and everyone holds their breath, expecting Pragya to fall into Suresh's arms but it balances again and they are disappointed.

Suresh tells Rashna to help him with the flowers but she deliberately let's them fall, so the flowers rain on Pragya who is sitting on the floor.
Suresh bends to help pick up the flowers.
Pragya looks at him and wonders why he has given her a ring and hasn't proposed.
She decides that she will propose to him herself, if he doesn't propose by tomorrow.

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