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Konji is a bastard son of a thousand fathers.

So i was in a bus on my way to the market to buy a trouser for church service. The next day being Sunday and i needed to look good for that girl that had caught my eyes since the first day i saw her.

My Facebook messenger binged. I opened it and it was my new Ghana girl. She said hi, i said hello. We started our usual chats. I usually don’t like going far with girls that i’m sure wont be of any benefit to me. So our chat was mainly about what she ate, how she ate, the color of what she ate and who cooked what she ate. You know the usual Facebook chat.

So i decide to check out her Facebook photos once more. I saw she had uploaded new pictures. These ones were clearer than the ones she uploaded in the past.

I seemed to notice that all her features were clearer here and she has joined Facebook bad gang. The ones that purposely flash their b0s0m and booty at the camera. My horny mind set it.

So i decided to take the convo deeper.

Me: so what are you doing?

Her: I’m about to take my bath, u?

Me: well, am on my way to the market. So can i join you in the bath?

Her: sure, i will increase the bath water.

Me: just pull off and wait for me.

Her: kk, I’m waiting boo……
The convo got more kinky. My J0yst!ck had already tripled in size. We were both enjoying ourselves.

We were at the peak of it all when the bus came to a halt. My J0yst!ck was still as hard as olumo rock. I looked up from my phone and everybody was alighting from the bus. I noticed i had gotten where i was supposed to get down. The conductor looked at me.

Me: I never reach my bus stop naa

Conductor: Oga na here we dy stop o.

I looked at him with sweat all over me and observed my J0yst!ck,. In my mind i was like “Oga go down naa”.

Only God knows how i managed to leave there that day with my erection.

These days. I have learnt to pocket my phone anytime I’m in a bus…

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