genocide of the worst civilians in Europe

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one of the mass graves found

Today is July 11, exactly 23 years ago ..
Who does not know this heartbreaking story is even recorded in memory. The heartbreaking news of our brothers in bosnia.
8000 thousand people, mostly women and children, followed a refugee convoy known as the "bosnia convoy" in a vicious massacre by Serbian soldiers on the outskirts of Srebrenica.
Until now there are still new bodies found. Last 2012 there were about 500 bodies identified.
Today July 11, at the Potocari monument bosnia Muslims are rushing to attend to commemorate this tragedy. In the way of the victims of the "bosnia convoy", those who were killed without resistance.
This tragedy is touted as the worst genocide of civilians in Europe since the Holocaust of the Second World War.Many sources call victims of violence in this bosnia total reached 100 thousands people.
This tragedy came to be known as the Srebrenica Genocide, and so far about 8,373 victims have been identified from hundreds of mass graves that have been found,
The Beginning List of Missing or Killed Persons in Srebrenica compiled by the Bosnian Federal Commission.


Ratko Mladic he is a Serbian prang villain

March 2015, 7 members of the scorpion militia (militia leading directly to the bosnia Muslim massacre in the field) were arrested.
Following Ratko Mladic who was first arrested in 2011 and in trial at an international tribunal in The Hague. And the investigation of the names of those responsible for this tragedy is still ongoing.


Muslims around the world pray together in mass graves in Serbia

This may be a little story about our brother you need to know ...