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Hello readers, are you a story writer? A movie producer? a drama producer or musician ? Do you desire a platform where you can easily shine with your talents while you obtain rewards in a transparent manner? If this is so, then I have got good news for you. STORICAHIN is the best platform for you.

Despite the huge market capitalization in the story industry which comprises of the Drama , Movie shooting, musical productions , web story books etc, there are so many issues that are bothering the growth and success of the industry . Most times, content creators suffer loss as a result of plagiarism by other people. This makes the content creators to get discouraged.

Another factor is the problem of inadequate reward to content creators, the present format of the story industry does not reward content creators according to their efforts .There is no transparency in the payment format. Also, participants or users of the products which include the readers, those who watch those movies, those who listen to the music are not able to know who owns which content or not because there is no provision for adequate data management in the existing story industry.


But the Good news is that STORICHAIN has been designed to change the status quo and restore the dignity of the story industry thereby making it interesting for both the content creators and the users.

STORICAHIN is built on the blockchain technology and it functions as a Partial Decentralized Application which allow the use of smart contract and data storage on the blockchain . STORICAHIN has been created by a team of highly experienced and professional team to transform the story industry from where it is now to where it’s supposed to be. This effort will allow content creators enjoy the work and also get due benefits from it at any
point in time


Also, considering another major barrier in the story industry which is language barrier, STORICHAIN is creating a platform that will be able to translate every published content in any language of the world so that anyone irrespective of language can be part of the platform .

The Decentralized nature of STORICHAIN will give access to everyone to read stories , learn how to write stories, be able to get inspirations from daily activities and things happening around us to create an interesting story and become a writer and a publisher. With STORICHAIN the issue of lack of reward or delay in getting reward will be a thing of the past.


Publishers will have the ability of publishing his story and getting such stories advertised to a global level which in turns increase the number of people who have access to the story.
For participants, apart from having access to any story of your choice , the platform also rewards participant according to activities carried out on the platform .


With the use of TORI token, an Ethereum based token created by STORICAHIN, users will be adequately rewarded.
Using the STORICHAIN Application, users can read and write stories anywhere and anytime without stress. And such stories can be accessed anywhere around the world by any user of STORICAHIN platform.


the team

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