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Dear steemit community,

Since my first post and question I've found more information on coldstorage and hardware wallets. below are a couple of examples that I found:

This one seems to be a bit in a rough stage of development and it can only house one or two keypairs which most likely is not sufficient for most of us, still it's a very nice build.

The next one is hand etched by somebody in a garage, very nicely done but still not useful for storing 20 different currencies.

Also I came across this device it looks like an old fashioned calculator but it actually stores passwords and login data. Personally I think a burglar would not even recognize this device to hold any value. might be a better option, but it relies on batteries, is electronic so unsafe in the long run.

Another example of a metal creditcard design:

Still this is not a scalable solution the can only work for a bunch of keys but will be inefficient and expensive for large amounts of different currencies.

My questions:

How can we make a offline log & backup of all our crypto's?
Tell me and we can develop this for the community together everybody is in desperate need of a better key management system, send me ideas, pictures, drawings, companies everything!

Kind regards


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