STOP GLOBAL WARMING! We got a dusting of snow early this morning.

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house snow7.jpg


This is why we haven't been able to get anything done all winter. Look at all this snow!

house snow.jpg
Our Driveway

house snow4.jpg
Behind the house

house snow8.jpg
The side of the house

house snow2.jpg
The front deck

house snow6.jpg
The woods behind the house.

This weather is crap! The snow is already melting! I mean look at our driveway...
house snow10.jpg

This the our road we live on. It is all wet and muddy out because the snow is already melting.
house snow9.jpg

You watch, tomorrow or the next day the temperatures will be back over 60 degrees maybe even over 70. Seriously! the tics have already come out and flowers are already blooming and it is the middle of winter. I guess this means the ticks that just came out this week have all died HA HA. At least you know the one that bit me sure as Hell did :-). As well as any other animals that might of been waking up early from hibernating. Oh well.

Here it is we have all these fake weather experts pedaling fraud science funded by George Soros saying that snow storms are a thing of the past and that we are having an early Spring.... BULLSHIT!

Here is the PROOF!
house snow11.jpg
PROOF I do wear flannel.

Thanks for looking!

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Its all about the sunspots. And there haven't been many in quite a while now.


You mean CME's? Yeah your right! Between the sunspots, Fukushima, HAARP, Chemtrails, and DEWs, they are microwaving us with something causing these extreme temperature conversions.

That's a nice looking flannel. !tip


Thanks Dave! It's Eddie Bauer. It's probably like $100 shirt. I found it at the Goodwill Bins in Portland several years ago HA HA not costing me anything but maybe some pocket change :-).


Dang...I have the same shirt. And I bought mine at a thrift store for .50


Good for you @armadilloman! It is fun finding good stuff for next to nothing like this isn't it?


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