Stopping and drawing a line

in #stop3 years ago

I commit myself to literally STOP myself in a moment of continued ‘abuse’ as the justification, as the excuses, as the appeasing, as the suppressing, as the self-dishonesty and through stop, continue and expand as the action/method of voice/movement to share MY OWN perspective self-honestly as the stability and grounding as starting point and beyond to stop the ‘abuse’ and be able to create something cool in the moment that will assist.

I commit myself to ‘draw a line’ but not as anger, not as defence, not as attack, not as opinion, not as hurt, not as conflict, not as abuse, but of what is best for all in a moment, because anything more and/or that is NOT of self-honesty, is going to come back to haunt me in some way, shape or form, so it is definitely best to stop it in the moment before the outflows in various ways not only fuck with myself, but others, even if they do not know it at the time.