Medicated Candy??? Give me that shit

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Once I got my hands on that first bag of THC gummies a couple years back, i've never been able to look at candy the same way ever again. Everytime i go to a store and see candy on the shelves all I can think about is "I WISH THERE WAS WEED IN THERE" Eating THC, rather than smoking it, is a completely different experience and if your not accustomed to the high of an edible, it may knock you on your ass. Making sure you eat the proper dose for yourself is the most important part to having an easy and comfortable edible high...because trust me, it could go wrong quickly.

Ive seen people throw up from eating too much edibles, and ive seen people pass out from eating edibles. Shit man, once I had to get up and leave during a college class cause I was so fucked up off like 500 mgs and my young professor said in front of the whole class "You alright maaaan?" I guess it was obvious how fucked up I was hahaha. And like the idiot I was I forgot my backpack in the classroom and had to go back in after that to get my bag, just to walk out again.


Nowadays I know how to handle myself, even if I ate too many milligrams. The magic number for me is 200mg, so this whole rope is the perfect amount.. Its a process to learn how much is the right amount for yourself to eat. You'll probably have to suffer from a few overwhelming highs, but they wont kill you.

How many milligrams do you stoner steemians usually eat??

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Come on man.
Gimme some, gimme some.

Never ever had an edible before and I doubt if I will be able handle it. I probably never will and its like a law with me. A man has to know his limits and I have heard a lot of 'good things' about it :-)

Yesterday we were discussing about how they are still going to keep the edibles banned even as cannabis would become legalized. At the end of the day it is more likely an effort to create monopoly and keep their choke hold on food industry rather than 'concern' for people.


the positive outlook to that is they cant stop me from making my own homemade edibles


What!?! I need this!


Yeah medicated candy is the shit.

I got medicated cookies and cakes and cupcakes overload in the last relationship. However this? I'd try it! #

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