STONE 2.1 == SUCCESS (13th of July Release)

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Hello Steemians,

Last Friday the 13th of July 2018 we completed our major core upgrade for STONE! We know that there was much anticipation for the update, we would like to share some of our achievements and what this means for the future of STONE.

New Release: STONE

STONE comes with:

  • x16r Mining Algorithm
  • Upgraded core
  • Multisig
  • Governence
  • Upgraded Auto-update
  • Full spork control
  • Checkpoints and intrgrated nodes
  • Acquired postmine

In More Details

If releases came with a motto, this one would have been: the old chain is left in the dust!

During implementation, there were a few minor hurdles, but the team was able to handle them by quickly by pushing updates. The spork control allows us to enable and disable chain features such as Governance, Tiered masternodes, and other stability features. Now that this is under the current dev team's control it gives us the ability to enhance the chain further and build a more usable and secure coin.

We originally intended to use the latest dash core, but during testing, we encountered stability issues. We ended up deciding to integrate the core from Phase formally known as Proton to make the deadline. This gave us the ability to seamlessly transition the old STONE network over to the more current Phase core which we found was substantially more stable and synced incredibly fast. The best part was that we did not lose any of the essential features by making this choice and we gained stability which was the utmost priority of this update.

Another critical component for this upgrade was securing the post mine of 500,000 STONE. Our first move was to list on Crex24 which we ended up getting listed the day after the update took place. To make this happen the team purchased STONE at 2x market price (0.00000600 BTC) in a bullish move which vested each member of the team while staying fair to the community and market. The total amount used was 25,000 STONE divided among 8 team members who paid a total of .15 BTC for the stone. We were listed on Crex24 almost immediately after the upgrade.

The work didn't stop with the upgrade; we immediately began reaching out to partners ensuring the switch on their side had occurred smoothly as well. The rebranding effort had also started to implement the new STONE logo and a mild-improvement on the wallet.

What's Next For STONE?

There will be lots of visual upgrades to come that will be pushed through the autoupdate, but we shouldn't need any mandatory upgrades until our first use case implementation. We're excited for the coming upgrades to the wallet gui, addition of multisig gui and many other usability enhancements. Look for these releases over the next few weeks when we start to

Most importantly, we've reached a level of usability and stability that will give us time to finalize our whitepaper. We're really excited to announce our first major use case and think you will be too! Our main goal is to make STONE as usable as possible and we think this will be an amazing way.

If you're interested in knowing more about STONE or being part of it, you can find some useful links below.


Photo by Joshua Earle

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