Wonderful power of blackstone

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Blackstone is a rock set into the eastern corner of kaaba in Mecca. This stone can be used in curing different kinds of ailment. This include Malaria, toilet infections, transmitting infections, syphilis, staphylococus, gonorrhea, vagina discharge, watery sperm etc.
100% working.......


Wealthcome Bro...
But am i really gonna get cured of all this ailment with this single stone?
i think i need to know your source!

Bros abeg give me the source sharperly... I want to be selling it... I dey bro...

All this for a stone... Dont bobo us here na... U don use am before?

Have you used it before this one that u said it is 100% hehehe.

I will like to more about it.

What kind of stone that can cur all those disease without side effect

I would have post pictures, but i couldn't, its working perfectly well

As an herbalpreneur i totally understand your standpoint and information. Very informative cos both staph, gonorrhea, viginal discharge, toilet infections are all fungi and bacteria related illnesses so they are all sort of on the same radar! Welcome on board

Not bad,but you didnt tell us your source,verification of the stone,work on your subdequent articles,all the best.upvoted

Kul.... Nice update and recall.... @mackleak

You Advertise This Disease-Curing Stone Very Well.Do You Sell The Stones? But Why Is Nigeria Stones Not That Very USEFUL As These Ones?!
Dear,You're Welcome To Steemit!
(Don't Be Afraid 'Dear' Here Means Beloved As A Christian).

Wealthcome bro

Thanks for the info, but it would be have been great if you gave more background info about this stone....e.g. not a lot of people know where mecca is.

Mmmmm medicine wise

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I just think 99.9%, keep sharing @lexico12


I like toast 🍞

Hmm I think I'll like to get that stone

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