Sold My Share Of Sprint

in stocks •  4 months ago 

Another boring day, except for this morning where I sold my share of Sprint. I got $5.65 for it. I don't think thats too bad, considering that I got it for free by joining robinhood. I don't think that the price will continue to rise due to the T-Mobile merger that will probably be denied due to antitrust regulations(T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and ATT are the only major players in the wireless industry).

I've been trying to deposit funds to it so I can start investing some more, but I keep getting errors with linking my bank account, so I'll need to call them when I've got time to figure that out. Anyone got some ideas on what I should invest in?

I also considered joining something like Stash or Acorns, but decided against that for now. I like Stash's idea of StockBack, but I use bumped which basically gets the same thing done, but it's with any card I have instead of their card. Speaking of bumped, I got my credentials verified today so I'll actually start getting the stocks. Bought something at McDonalds and HomeDepot today both of which qualify for that.

I want to learn more about Stash and might consider joining them. Just need to find out if their card has limits on its StockBack program. So much research to do, but it pays off in the end.

If you want to get a free share of stock, you can join robinhood with my referral code and get one : Who knows, you might actually get something with value.

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