US Capital Markets Review 6/1/18

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This week saw a wild stock market, but in the end, we finished in positive territory for the week. The Nasdaq led the way again with a gain of 1.6%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average lagged and was down -0.5% for the week. The S&P closed up +0.5% and is up 2.3% for the year.

The positive on the week was the jobs report, which came out better than expected. The unemployment rate hit a new 18 year low at 3.8%, and wages grew by 2.7%, year over year. The report was not without controversy, as President Trump tweeted before the release the report that he was looking forward to seeing the numbers released. This of course was a wink, wink tweet, and could put him in hot water, as that is nonpublic information he was giving out with specific guidelines on when something can be discussed publicly. The other positive take away for the week was news that the leaders of the US and North Korea may be putting their summit back on, which would be a good way to ease global uncertainty.


The main negative for the week was the trade war fears coming to the surface again, as President Trump put new tariffs on a number of steel and aluminum imports on Mexico, Canada and the European Union, some of our biggest allies. This news was met with instant retaliation on many fronts, and will especially put pressure on the farming industry, as one of the largest US exports is food. There was also political turmoil in Italy that put pressure on stocks around the global, as a five day standoff finally ended when the feuding political parties agreed on a coalition government.

In commodity news, gold and oil had rough weeks, being down -0.7% and -3.2%, respectively. The VIX index (fear index) was up +1.8% this week, despite the stocks being up, proving that there are fears out there despite the market hanging tough.

Cryptocurrencies were mixed for the week. Bitcoin was up slightly and closed the week at $7,500, while altcoins, including Steem (closed at $2.40) drifted downward.

Overall, the US Capital Markets remain strong and I continue to be fully invested.

Good luck, and thank you for stopping by!


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Thank you for the general theory of the financial and business market for international stocks, especially the statistics of America, which is considered influential in view of its large capital in this field
I was successful in this subject, which contains very useful information, from the joy of hearing with the low rate of unemployment, but it is unfortunate news of imposing additional taxes on imported goods , This would affect the purchasing power of the US citizen .
I liked the idea I added to the Cryptocurrencies statistics for this week .
Thank's for your great job i lik it .@brian.rrr
I resteemed

again sharing us capital markets review information.its very important for all steemians.i think that,if every steemians read the post obviously we can to knowing capital markets matter.its improved doing we steemit work.thanks to sharing for your great post..very well dear friend. @brian.rrr take care yourself and best of luck of your great work..

Hello how are you? very good week although in venezuela things are still wrong your news makes me happy and gives me hope that everything that is wrong can change and be well

Very good news about unemployment pity that in my country every day this number increases my friend hopefully everything changes.

in generating it was a good week the same for the cryptomonedas I hope this keeps going up

Hello friend this week was in the news the announcement that God the president of the United States on metal and steel this was the news of the week, for the crypto ceo market that was very good

Greetings I hope you are having a good weekend @bian.rrr

Valuable market explanation. Though the week is rough for gold and oil but cryptos are still mixed in the week. Hope next week it's perform better. Thanks sir @brian.rrr for valuable market analysis sharing with us.

It is good to invest in the stock market,

it has lots of profits but there is a possibility of a loss,

But the price of the stock market index is going to be very interesting.

I will always pray, you benefit from investing in the stock market,

I don’t know if you saw my last comment but I wanted to say nice catch

unemployment is decreasing now

The unemployment rate went down to the lowest since 2000 which is really good. Even unemployment of blacks in down too. The only issue is the trade wars and am sure that would be resolved soon

Great graphical market review....
Graph indicates that market is now down warding ......
Thanks for your market analysis @brian.rrr

Cryptocurrencies were mixed for the week. Bitcoin was up slightly and closed the week at $7,500, while altcoins, including Steem (closed at $2.40) drifted downward.

This week was neutral for most cryptocurrencies but SBD was all over the charts.

thank you for the interesting post , I guess Mr Trump will always be in hot water over what he says and does !

Thanks for the report as complete as always. I'm glad the unemployment rate has gone down.

yes market is great

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