US Capital Markets Review 5/4/18

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This week was a mixed week for the US capital markets. The S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial average were each down around -0.2%, while the Nasdaq index was up 1.3%. The Nasdaq outperformed largely due to strong earnings from Apple, which cased a rally on Friday.

Among commodities, oil had a good week at +2.4% and has had a great year thus far at +16.1%, though consumers are feeling at the pump these days. The broad commodity index was up +0.7% for the week, while gold trailed, posting a loss of -0.7% for the week.

In economic news, the fed had a meeting and announced that inflation is near their 2% target, which they are pleased with, but left rates unchanged. Also, the unemployment rate showed another dip to 3.9% despite being at historic lows already, a positive sign for consumers, whose confidence is high as well according to the consumer confidence index.


Cryptocurrencies has a mixed week, but bitcoin pushed ahead and neared the important 10,000 mark. Steem finished near the 4.00 mark, relatively flat for the week.

Overall, the US capital markets are doing ok, but the year has been all over the place and it is hard to know which direction the markets will head for the rest of the year, but I remain fully invested.

Good luck,

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Thanks you for sharing a good information , good luck my dear friend @brian.rrr 👍👍😃
All the best for you 😃😉

Bitcoin will rise up High

and steem will reach 10$ in the summer

With the USD rallying I find it hard to see oil prices rising. Global growth is crawling oil will likely fall

good post..stop in and see my latest..thanks..

You are always very consistent when it comes to making researched. This peice is really informative, though, I dont know much about crytocurrency or how it does work but thank to you I can be boast of something to say concerning it now. Keep the good work flowing man

I am encouraged by both this information from your post and the comments ... It is encouraging to know that we are so many who study and are active in the progress and news of as cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and crypto is so young. Let's give it a chance for now =)

Good information friend ... I declare that the Steem will go up as much as possible and it will remain on the rise. how it should be beneficial for everyone!

markets will head for the rest of the year,thanks for this informative post dear.

really hope to see steem rise to $ 9/10

many people says steem will be 9/10$ in the middle of jun/ confused

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