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Hi Friends,

I added a new position to my portfolio - Direxion Moonshot Innovators ETF, ticker MOON:


This is a relatively new fund, and its net assets are only $220 million. The fund is a stock fund that invests in companies that pursue innovative technologies that have the potential to disrupt existing technologies or industries.

I think space exploration and space-related tech companies will do well in the coming years, or at least their stocks will do well - probably not much of a money making business. I couldn't find an ETF that was focused fully on space so this was a compromise that I think has potential.

We shall see. Looks like their two biggest positions that make up 10% of the fund each are MVIS and VUZI if you wanted to bypass the ETF and go straight to the source.

Thanks for coming by,


Hi morning..

Yes, not too bad!

Thanks for share this important news.

You’re welcome!

I like to invest in crypto market. But as my money is little so i often invest in well known currencies.

Smart move for sure!

thanks for new information

Good luck with your investments!

Haven't checked on MOON yet. I might look on it on Twitter.

Good idea, lots of info there

It is smart of you to diversify your investments.

Thank you, and I agree.

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